Monday, June 30, 2008

Who's A Chunky Monkey???

Well, it seems to be Mr. Tru. Today we went in to see Dr. High for our 6 month visit. It seems that my 3rd child born 5 weeks early maybe out-growing his brothers. Tru is the first Adcock boy to land on the growth chart. YEAH....

Weighing in at 15 pounds he is the the 10th percentile for weight

& drum roll please....

He is a towering 25 inches long --- again -10th percentile.

If I only would have been blogging when Gage was this age you would understand our excitement. So tonight we do a funky chicken dance and celebrate Tru's outstanding 6 month check up!

On a sad note, one of our favorite Doctors - James High, is leaving us to go off into the world of Mission work. We were blessed to see Dr. High on his last office day. Dr. High and his family are off to do medical mission work in Africa while bringing the Gospel to the African people. Once they get there and get settled and begin their story via blog I will post a link.

Doing His Own Funky Chicken Dance

Showing Off His Growth Sticker

Dr. High and the Chunky Monkey