Friday, August 29, 2008

Sun Sand and more Sand

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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Goodbye Fay

Lovin' the blue skies!  Fay has moved on!  
I am inside for Tru's morning nap.
And I am online looking for a company that pumps in sand from out in the ocean.
Truman has eaten enough to cause concern - not for him but for the shore.
Although for him I have the A&D ready - it is just a little time until the sand diaper rash begins!

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Monday, August 25, 2008

Fay Fay go away come again WHEN WE ARE GONE

Yesterday we had a beautiful day at the beach -
Fay had moved on.
But like a salesclerk that won't go away
Fay is back.

Maybe Fay is not moving on because of a bad break up.
See post on "Breaking Up"

So McMommy if you could just talk to Fay - mention that stalking is so uncool.

What do you do while we wait for Fay to "get over" a broken heart? And for the shops to open.
You hold a tournament!
We are in the midst of a HUGE uno tournament. Pooh UNO that is...

Current Standings:
"Elephant" (Davis) 2 wins
"Ice" as in Vanilla (me) 2 wins
"Hornet" (Gage) 1 win
"Weasel" (Ward) 0 wins

Then you go shop buying things you could live without.

And you walk by Build A Bear and quickly learn that the other 3 build a bear buddies your little ones have at home are no longer worthy.
Next thing you know you are picking out an unstuffed buddy, adding fluff "with a sales person that keeps pulling out the fluff and saying
"Oh, he fluffed"
And buying outfits for the new buddies.

So, you see Fay - you need to go away -

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Sunday, August 24, 2008

8 months and Proud

Baby Tru is 8 months - his 3rd tooth is coming thru and he is very proud of it.  I am still amazed at how much he adores his brothers.  He will throw himself out of my arms trying to see what they are doing.  There is an extra special bond between he and Gage.  He laughs at everything Gage does.  Gage hung the moon in his eyes.  When I watch the interaction between them it reminds me of the family movies we have of Ward and his younger brother Len.  Ward was always right up under Len making sure he was happy.  Gage is the same way - when no one else can make Tru happy Gage can.  Gage has some song he sings saying "Trummie, Oh Truuuummmie"  It is so annoying but Tru loves it so we listen.

Truman is also very spoiled - I think it is being the 3rd child, he is picked up as soon as he screams or cries, but being the 3rd he also sometimes wears his PJ's all day or is not changed until he has spit up and stinks.  Bad mom, maybe but I also have realized how much laundry I have in my future.

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Friday, August 22, 2008

My child's kindergarten teacher hates me....

Yes. sad fact it is true, but Gage's teacher hates me.
Oh well it could be because

my cellphone rang during the classroom orientation
because I had to mention that same day that we were going on vacation the 1st full week of school. (But honestly it is Destin Florida, who wouldn't go??)
because I was late the first day of school.
about 7 minutes late
but poor Gage when we walked up the Principal was standing in his door say "oh, here comes Gage now" as I drag Gage, Davis and Tru down the hall all while wearing heals and spit up on my skirt (I had Davis orientation that am)
or because
I had not purchased the pencil case I had found out we needed the night before and even worse I had not had the chance to tell him we would buy one this weekend (while in Destin hehe) and the first thing she asked for was his pencil box....

I have started the year off on a bad foot for him.
No, maybe he should not be judged on me, but come on you can not tell me he won't be.
We go to a small private Christian school - This Gage's 3rd year there now.

So I went to his preschool teachers and a friend of ours that works there and said "Please go tell Mrs.... that we are a good family"


I WON!!! I WON!!! Yes, thanks to a potty mouth (seriously we are a good family)!!!
Check it out here:

I can not wait to get my t-shirt! Thanks McMommy for making a bad week better!

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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Dirty Little Secret

Ok, I must admit it - I am addicted...Don't think less of me but,

I love the show "Swingtown"

Maybe it is because of Grant from Melrose Place.

It could be that it is from the same Director of Big Love, another one of my secret addictions!

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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A future Axel Rose?

So do you think he is channeling Axel Rose?

This happens all day everyday - it is either the drums or the guitar or the mic. No wonder I always have a headache.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Fun Friday

Tonight we have planned a party. We are going to celebrate the athletes of the United States. And yes, for those of you that know us we will have a cake! Tonight is the opening ceremony of the Olympics. And no matter where you stand in the upcoming election or your opinion as to right or wrong to hold the Olympics in China...

It is time to come together and celebrate these Olympians.

So I am off to shop for our party -

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Thursday, August 7, 2008

I have gone MAC

Ok it is true you can not teach an old dawg new tricks. I purchased a MAC this past weekend. I am so lost. Not that really loved my old PC but it is a pain in the bumm learning something new - I am officially old.

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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Ok, Listen I am NOT your Mommy

I try not to rant. Since this blog really is my way of scrapbooking for the boys. But honestly enough is enough....

On a overcast Saturday in March of 1998 I walked down a make shift aisle in front of a roaring fire to marry the man of my dreams. During the ceremony the minister said and I will never forget "Do you Ward take Heather to be..."
Yes," Heather" is what he said - I even went back to looked at our wedding video.

Fast forward to the last say 5 years... There are many things I love about children - the first time the actually reach for you.... the times when they can't talk back because honestly they just can't talk yet & then the time they first say "Mommy"... It does warm your heart to hear it
Not from your husband.
I keep saying "I am not your Mommy".
Blank stare from "Daddy"
Again a few hours later - Hey Mommy wanna go to the pool?
Yes I know.
Then "Mommy do we have the swim diapers?"

Now please do not get me wrong - I love being a mommy, in fact so much I am a stay at home mommy - but I still am Heather. I want to be able to maintain my identity as well. And my husband should know this more than anyone.

He just doesn't get it. But for some reason it is just NOT sexy to hear. "Hey Mommy, wanna foot rub???"

Look I signed up to be the Mommy of three cute blued eyed boys, and while your cute, I ain't your mommy I am your wife!! Remember - The minister did not say....
"Ward do you take Mommy to be your wife?"

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