Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Eve

Celebrating Christmas Eve Adcock Style
Christmas Eve we headed to our Christmas service at church.
One of Ward's favorite services of the year. (It scares me to death because all the children are given their own candles to light the adult candles, something about a bunch of children under 10 given fire in a dark packed church....)
While we are gone our Elf on a shelf Andrew had left matching Christmas PJ's sprinkled with stars that he pulled from the sky. The stars have a special power, they make you fall asleep as soon as you head hits the pillow.
Ward whipped up the annual pancake supper, Yummy.
Reindeer food was made and placed on the front porch.
We decorated the Christmas Train.
Made the last batch of sausage balls - (Mommy's favorite)
Tried to get a picture of the all THREE boys by the light of the tree - who did I think I was kidding???
Then off to bed with the story of Jesus birth from Grandpa George's bible.
The Davis & Tru were all asleep with in minutes.
Gage was the only one that heard the sleigh bells ringing outside his window, but was quickly asleep shortly after.
With all the little bits all snug in their bed, Ward & I put on our caps and settle in to watch Christmas Vacation and wait on Santa.

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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Truman Turns One

Snot Nose (as Ward is referring to him) turned one on Monday. Poor little guy was sick as a dog. If I remember correctly Davis was sick on his first birthday as well. We chose not to have a party this year (just another thing for him to complain about later in life - poor third child.) We made plans to celebrate his 1/2 birthday in the summer. We go for our 1 year check up next week. But at our sick visit on Tuesday Tru weighed 19 pounds. A few pounds more than Gage did at 1 and a little more than Davis as well. Maybe his visit to the NICU gave him the leg up on his brothers! He likes to furniture surf and wants to walk but is too busy clapping to keep his balance. He babbles what sounds like words but I am still not calling it mama or ddddada yet. His favorite toy is the remote control - unless I take out the batteries then he just throws it down. He really likes to flip channels. We had a family dinner and a homemade cake.

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Thursday, December 18, 2008

A morning with Tru

So you are spoiled - this we know.
It is all my fault, chalk it up to you being the baby.
Next Monday you turn 1.
Really can it be?
By this time your brothers were spending a few mornings a week in Mom's Morning Out.
No, not you though.
I have kept you here with me.
To play
To snuggle
To cause all kinds of trouble.
You do have your own kinda routine.

8:15 - home from taking bros to school.
8:20 - unroll as much toilet paper as possible before getting caught
8:45 - snack time laugh and giggle while Mommy vacuums and you drop cheerios
9:00 - Enjoy watching the clothing in the dryer
9:10 - find the paging button on the cordless phone and laugh as Mommy runs through the house tracking down the other phone
9:15 - bottle and cat nap
9:45 - rearrange some Christmas ornaments
9:50 - find the a wise-man from a Nativity and suck on his head
10:00 - climb stairs looking for bros
10:15 - hang out in their room licking everything possible since they aren't around to stop you.
10:20 - unpack a bathroom cabinet
10:35 - try and take a step - take one get so excited you clap and lose your balance
10:40 - unload the clean laundry into the floor
10:45 - bang on the computer sending Facebook messages to who knows who
11:00 - drop whatever was in the bathroom cabinets into the bathtub
11:10 - head to the toilet to see what toys float
11:15 - 5 minutes of snuggle and tickle time before we leave to pick up the boys!
11:20 - give Mommy a big smile and make me realize it was all worth it!

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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Cheerios & Santa

Breakfast with Santa!
This morning we celebrated a very rainy morning with Santa.
Thanks Grammy for a musical Christmas!

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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Santa is our MAN

The Boys and the Big Guy
Our visit with Santa went rather well.
Tru was of course a little unsure but gave us a minute to get a decent picture.
Davis asked for a circus and a big guitar.
Gage asked for Star Wars stuff, DS games and Art Supplies.
Tru asked to be let down off his lap.

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Sunday, December 7, 2008


The Sunday after Thanksgiving we participated in the Children's Dedication at our church. We waited to do it when we could involve all three children. (Basically, when we were finished with having little bits)

It was a nice service and our friends the Callicutts came to celebrate with us. I did not get any pictures of the service but did manage of few at lunch afterwards.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

A True Treasure

Ward's grandmother Tommie Ethel passed away last night. Tommie was 98 years young (would have been 99 Jan 10th). My favorite memory of Tommie is the fact that she always told Ward "You only go down this road once". Ward spent most every Saturday night with Tommie when we was in college. Not many grandsons do that but it was their special time. It serves as a large part of his memories from the 4 years he spend in Nashville. My other favorite thing about Tommie was that she could clean a chicken wing like no one I have ever seen before. Ward and I both loved eating out with her. She loved Captain D's and the buffet at a local pizza joint. Tommie was the first person we called when we got engaged. Tommie was a hoot! This is a picture of Ward, Gage and Tommie Thanksgiving weekend of 2004.

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