Saturday, June 14, 2008

Daddy-O Awards

Father's Day. Let me begin by saying how blessed I have been to have such a wonderful father myself. My father passed away a year ago this past May. He and I were very close later in life. I was a Daddy's girl growing up, but I am also smart enough to know that my mother allowed me to be that way even though she truly was the glue that held our family in place. My boys love my father. He had an infectious laugh. I can honestly say that just about every other day Gage or Davis comment on Pop-Pop and ask when they are going to see him again. Davis will cry and ask why he had to leave him. They were so close even at 2 and 4. His impact was huge on their lives. We talk about him often but we will honor him on Father's Day by telling tales about his life and the love he had for his grandchildren.

A Joyful Day
Gage and PopPop welcome Davis

Pop-Pop, Gage and Will
A Backyard Battle
April 2007

And Happy Father's Day to Ward.
To him we award to Ward Cleaver Award

Where do I begin. Ward is a remarkable father. Gage and Davis truly are "Daddy's Boys". God has blessed our family with an amazing father. There are so many things that makes him a great father. One of my favorites is that Ward makes it a priority to be the one to read the boys their books and put them to bed each night. There are few nights that he misses this ritual. Even if it means a quick 20 minute run home while a patient labors at the hospital. Yes, he grumbles from time to time but in heart of hearts he would not miss this opportunity. So in David Letterman fashion the boys and I have compiled a TOP ELEVEN list as to why we award Ward with the Ward Cleaver Father of the Year award. (Ten just was not enough)


11. He gives mommy flowers on the 14th of each month and takes her on dates.
10. He does not hesitate to change a stinky diaper or wipe a toddlers bumm.
9. He does 75% of the 11pm bottle feedings, as well as those that might come at 5 am.
8. He plays hide and seek.
7. He knows how to play legos and still has some of his Star War figures from when he was little - that he will share!!!
6. He is a hard worker and an amazing provider.
5. He can do a cannonball off the diving board, in the deep-end.
4. He has a cool car.
3. He helps give mommies their babies, even if it is late at night.
2. He takes us fishing.
1. He plays with us even if he is tired.

Destin 2007

Teaching Davis to swim