Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Valentines For D

Since I have not posted in forever, and given this becomes my scrapbook I have to include the special visit Davis received for Valentines.

Davis loves any and all things dressed in mascot costumes. I have to be careful and remind him to be gentle with these creatures otherwise he would hug them to death. Or touch them in places that may cause them to take a swing at him. (but that is a whole other story and honestly I think we have worked through that and it really only happened once or twice and he was only 2)

ANYWAY!! One of our favorite summer pastimes is the Gaston Grizzly games. We have a blast and Davis spends most of his time chasing the mascot Chizzle. So when I read that Chizzle was making home visits for valentines - I signed up. We had friends over for Happy Meals and right after lunch the doorbell rang and peeking through our window was Chizzle. Davis was shocked (as you can see in the picture). To say he was thrilled is an understatement. He still talks about it today. And I of course and still trying to work off the 5 pounds of chocolate Chizzle brought!

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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Soccer Season

Gage is playing rec soccer 7 and under. His games have mainly been on the same nights at cubs scouts or when we have been out of town so we have missed more games than we have played. But he has enjoyed it. This is the first year we are playing what I call "hard-ball". Up until this year it has been all about teaching the children the basics of the sport as well as focusing on sportsmanship. But this season it's full on "hard-ball".

Case in point, Gage was playing goalie. He caught the ball on the ground stopping it from going in the goal. The ref blew the whistle stopping the play and a girl from the other teamed kicked it from Gage's hands and it went into the goal. (Mind you the ref had blown the whistle and the children all were getting into place for Gage to kick the ball back into play.) But the coach on the other team argued the point with the ref. Seriously... I keep saying, hey this is rec ball not to mention 7 and under! But Gage doesn't care, I shouldn't either I guess, lets just say I don't complain when he has to go to scouts instead of soccer.

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Monday, April 26, 2010


Many years ago when I was pregnant with Gage we attended the Queenscup Steeplechase in Waxhall with the Fosters. We had a wonderful time. I have always loved horses and there is nothing like seeing them race. I always have tears in my eyes when they gallop by for the first race of the day. Corny, I know, but true. Anyway, after that first race years ago we purchased a PSL for the annual race. The last few years we have been unable to attend and have shared the space with friends. But this year we made plans early and decided to treat the entire family to a day of tailgating and racing.

It was a great day for racing, a little overcast and a nice cool breeze. The boys had a wonderful time. They were so well behaved and enjoyed tailgating, playing football, tailgating, and then tailgating some more. I always enjoy the people watching as much as I enjoy the horse racing.

These horses were Ward's growing up. Davis loves to play with the horses as well as the barn. He carried at least a horse or two for the entire race.

The rain held off until the 6th and final race. Which we watched from the warmth of our car! The boys were wiped out! Davis and Truman were sounds asleep before we even pulled out of the farm! They all woke up Sunday morning asking if we can go again next year.

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