Friday, June 13, 2008

Halloween in June

Batman, A Pirate and My Racecar Driver

Do you remember loving Halloween when you were little? Maybe it was just my friends and I but we waited with great anticipation for a night of costumes and candy.

I went to an all girl school in downtown Charleston, SC Ashley Hall and each year we had a costume contest. It was great, you paraded across stage in your costume. This was back in the day when your parents made your costume. I was always a gypsy. I wore a long broom skirt, a peasant top, a scarf on my head, gold chains and to complete the costume the absolute most awesome earrings. My mom had made them out of the lids from the canned greenbeans my grandmother made each year. It was the large ring part. They were HUUUUGE. And I thought I was so cool. More like "Totally Rad". But it was probably more like "gag me with a spoon". But let's be honest... while it was great to dress up in costume it really was all about the candy. That was also back in the day when candy was not just a treat but a special treat at my house. I did not get candy everyday like my boys think they are entitled to.

So one June afternoon my neighborhood friends Christie T, Scott J, Matt S decided that it was crazzzy to only trick or treat in October. We all found costumes - I think I was a Strawberry Shortcake, Scott S was a TMNT (the first time they were cool) and we went from door to door in Ashboro East. And yes we said trick or treat. We got a ton of stuff, not just candy some people gave us fruit roll-ups (new to the market at that time) some people even gave us money. We even collected other friends as we went along. Then we headed to the shade of the picnic area by our neighborhood pool and shared our loot. Why do I tell you this story, well yesterday while I was feeding Tru (which has to be done in a quite room for him to eat) Gage and Davis dressed up and came knocking on my door saying trick or tweet. Of course asking for candy. They had gotten bored and pulled out our dress up clothing. They had me in stitches and it remined me of our Halloween in June.

Pirate Tru

Poutin' D

Mean Face
I said make your mean face, who knows what Tru was doing but it cracked me up when I saw this.