Monday, June 16, 2008

Don't Go In The Baby Pool....

Ok so Davis my adorable lovable 3 year old has done it. My worst summer fears have come true. Can I show my face again? It happens every year, but did I honestly think it would happen to me? Uhhhh NO! I mean I guess maybe, in some corner of my mind being the mom of three I guess my chances are pretty good of it striking me once. But honestly, we go over it time and time again as we drive the 2 miles to the pool. Whatever you do, whenever you feel it, no matter where you are, no matter what you are doing, COME AND TELL ME IF YOU HAVE TO GO TO THE BATHROOM! Point Blank I did not sugarcoat it. Should I find relief in the fact that it happened on Daddy's watch, while I was ordering dinner. Yes, maybe unless you count in the fact that is was an abundantly busy baby pool day. And that it was during break when everyone and their brother (or sister) was in the baby pool. Do you put this in the baby book? If so how would you log it -
under what.......
Yes, I think I will. So Baby D's book will read:

1st time you rolled over - 4 months
1st time you smiled - 2 months
1st time you laughed - 2.5 months
1st time you held my hand - 5 months
1st time you crawled - 7 months
1st time you POOPED IN THE BABY POOL - 3 years 5 months and 8 days.