Sunday, June 22, 2008

A Happy 1/2 Birthday It Is!

Today I turned 1/2 a year old. My day was an eventful day.
My Mommy and Daddy let me sleep late - 7:45.
Then I got ready for Sunday school.
I had to wear this awful seersucker romper so that I would coordinate with my big bros. (Whatever)
I caught up with my peeps in nursery - not sure why they call it nursery there are never any nurses there. We sang, it was pretty laid back, I even hit a bottle - just a 6 ouncer!
After nursery we had lunch, I sucked on some bananas and my fist.
Mid-day my parents let me nap again, I was out for like 3 hours.
After waking up so late I helped Mommy with dinner, she loved me squealing out directions for the big brown piece of meat.
Tonight I had homemade mashed potatoes for the first time, with a side of fist.
Then everyone gathered around this highchair thing they strapped me in. (Honestly it was not any higher than the other chairs)
And put this huge multi-color thing in front of me.
It was Heaven on earth. I grabbed, I spit, I scratched, I stuck my fist in it and then miracles of miracles my fist landed in my mouth and I found out I LOVE cake.
Oh yeah baby - Happy 1/2 Birthday to me!
I am off for another 6 ouncer and to bed. Peace Out!

Getting Started

For some reason they removed a chunk for themselves. They could have eaten from my fist.

Enjoy Life, You are young only once!