Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Ward and Davis hit a recent "Panters" home game! Everyone knows how awful the Panthers are this year - but we thought 1. they are playing a team that has the same losing streak and 2. Davis won't care he will just be thrilled to go. While D was thrilled to be going he was overly bummed about how bad they have been playing. He came out of Sunday school saying "Mommy, the "Panters never win, they have bad players". I told him that the fun was going to the game win or lose it didn't matter! He didn't buy it so I crossed my fingers and told him maybe he would be their good luck charm, I mean after all they were playing another not sa' great team!

As a bonus he and Ward rode the light rail to the stadium - which to a 5 year old is just as exciting as the actual game. The unseasonably warm weather, it made for a great game day! Davis enjoyed watching the game, screaming at the other team, (apparently he can heckle like an old man, thankfully he refrained from using words he heard others around him use!)
It was actually a pretty good game! The guys stayed until the very end to see the Panthers pull out a victory. Big D was so happy! He came home with a massive panther paw on his face! Panther silly bands for Truman and a few new dances to show off!

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