Tuesday, January 11, 2011

2011 Saying goodbye to Pampers!

In November of 2002 we introduced our home to Pampers for just over 8 years they were a constant staple to my weekly Target list! With Gage I changed them every hour on the hour his first year of life. Even at night (maybe not every hour but if they even looked wet). Davis came along while Gage was still in Pampers so for a period of time in 2005 we had 2 sizes of Pampers to love. I still changed them often, just not as often! Fast forward to 2007, Truman came along just as the Pampers were about to make their way off our list. I will admit I saved more on pampers with Truman. I changed him a lot less. Some days only 1 time. It is not that he didn't go...he did...I just figured out how much those expensive little burgers would hold!!
But in December of 2010 we said goodbye to our friend Pamper --- 8 years of pampers. Ward keeps saying that he wants to have a diaper free party. Maybe we will soon. But before New Years we celebrated with cupcakes. Did I shed a tear? No not really, sure T is my last baby but honestly I am looking forward to a little extra change in my pocket each week. I figured in we had 8 years of diapers with a rough estimate of $12 a week on diapers (give or take with sales and years we had 2 sizes) that is 416 weeks of purchases @ $12 which puts us right around $5000 on diapers!! And for Truman he said goodbye pampers hello mickey mouse! We told him if he would go in the potty he would visit Mickey - he had been going in the potty off on and on since summer but Mickey helped it click! He is thrilled to go meet his friend, while I am thrilled to be diaper bag free! (For those of you that know me well know I haven't carried a diaper bag in over a year, but now I will have more room in my purse!!

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