Friday, June 27, 2008

What was he thinking...

So last night "Wad" had a dinner meeting, the boys were asleep in bed and I got comfy on the couch with a pay per view movie "Fools Gold". Looking forward to an evening alone with Mathew even if I had to share him with Kate. Then the phone rang.... It was a friend from down the street (she also has three little ones). One of her little ones had been playing at my house earlier in the evening. So she says to me:
Are the boys in bed?
Do you know where their digital camera is?
uhhh, yeah....
Go get it.
ok, hold on I am whispering as I walk thru the hall.
Ok, go it.
Look at the pictures....
I scroll, lots of pictures of the baby - hey there is a good one, kinda artsy, most from Sunday of my middle monster, some of your little one, can't really see she is in front of the window...
Not much, what am I looking for?
Well, *%#* said that Gage asked her to take a picture of his bum and then that "front part that boys have".
WHAT??? He did WHAT.
Yeah, when we were putting them to bed she said .....
I am sure she kept talking but i was scrolling like a mad women.... no "nekey" pictures. Oh Lord help me, what am I raising?
Do they know how to delete them?
Not that I know of.
Seriously, my child has issues.
Speechless - and that is a lot for me.
We wrap up the conversation with a little more discussion. And I wait, until "Wad" gets home. Retell the story, which he thinks in funny. So I know tomorrow I must investigate.
Flash forward, 6:30 am Gage stumbles in bedhead and all....
So did you ask *@%$ to take a picture of you neked??
No good morning, nothing - cut to the chase.
Why did she tell her mommy that?
Long pause,
Well she asked if she could.
Middle monster is in the room now. Must have overheard at the door.
Yeah, she asked if she could and I asked if I could too, but Gage let us...
WHAT! Why would you think to do that?
Long Pause again.
Where are the pictures?
Shrugs, Maybe it was just my bum.

What is it with my child and his bum? First getting in trouble at school for "mooning" the class. Then showing off his bum for a picture. Can I blame this on the chipmunk movie too?
WHAT would Dr. SPOCK say about this one?