Thursday, February 14, 2008


OK so we are horrible parents - but Davis was a trip at Hooters. The waitresses put him in the middle of the dining room and sang happy birthday to him while Gage hid under the table. Davis shared his cupcakes with the waitresses as well although had a breakdown when one of them took of with the grocery sack they were in. Funny thing to get attached to... Aunt Tina and Taylor joined us to celebrate. It was quite an eventful evening. A great way to turn 3 huh! We had pink cupcakes too - that was all the store made - one of the down-falls of having a birthday so close to valentines - We are having a party with his friends next weekend. A pirate party at this really cool childrens play muesume. He is really excited and they do everything even the cake and the invites so I was really excited too!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Happy Birthday Baby D

Davis 2nd B-Day - Bob The Builder Phase

Yummy Cake

Davis First Easter

Davis 1st Birthday Cake

Getting Ready for My First B-day Party

My parents put them up to this...

First Chicago Trip

First Beach Trip

First Lovey "Puppy" and Two Front Teeth

Minutes after the big arrival

First Nap

First Haircut

Today is Baby D's birthday - our Davis I have joked has been a middle child since the day he was born. Even before we knew if there would be a Tru. Davis is everything that Gage was not - a climber, a wrestler, a sneaky child, and down right rotten. But that being said he is the sweetest most loving of the entire trio. He always gives me hugs and kisses and tells me he loves me. He is very possesive - it is "My Gage", "My Mommy", "My Baby". Davis is known for his funny faces. He has been since birth - i think it may have something to do with the way he can move his eyebrows. Davis loves High School Musical and Star Wars. I swear he knows every word to each song for HSM - he likes to act out the basketball scences and runs around chanting "get your head in the game" over and over. We are taking the boys to Hooters tonight - stayed tuned for more pictures.