Sunday, January 31, 2010

Here we go Rockets Here we go!

How many points was that Davis?

Jack and Davis learn early on just to hand it to one another.

Davis has been playing Y basketball. He has had a blast. His plays for the Rockets. And prefers to play defense over offense. On many afternoons you can find Davis in front of the mirror practicing his "game face". Davis' buddy Jack is also on the Rockets. Get the two of them in the game together and watch out... The games are hysterical. Nothing like a bunch of 3 and 4 year olds chasing a basketball.

Chatting up the coaches wife - I'm sure he's recapping a big play.

Ready for a little defense. (note to gal in back, didn't your mother teach you to cover your mouth?)

I post this blurry pic because of the kid in the background covering his ears. He did this the entire game. Most of which he also cried during. He was scared to death of the buzzer. The next game he walked into the Y and threw up everywhere, his parents turned and walked out. I guess he figured out how to get out of playing!

This is the perfect picture of Jack and D! The expressions crack me up.

The cheering section....

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Friday, January 29, 2010

Zing Zam Zoom

Growing up my parents never really took me to the circus.
My mother thought they were too mean to the animals. She always had a very soft spot for animals of all shapes and sizes.
Although come to think of it... Her love for animals did not stop her from wearing fur or carrying a lizard clutch with matching kitten heels or jewels made from elephant tusk. No, when it came to fashion I guess she looked the other way and ignored the animal cruelty. Nor did her love for animals stop her from eating a nice steak - so i guess the protest of the Ringling Brothers stemmed from her desire to not see lions, tigers and elephants dancing as if they were meant to be ballerinas.

While I do share many of my mothers opinions - I treasure her silver fox coat!! I am all for taking my children to the circus to watch a 2 ton elephant's rendition of Swan Lake. My boys love it. They watch in awe, lemonade and cotton candy in hand. A spinning glow toy to light up with the stage goes black. This year the circus was great! We enjoyed the high-wire acts, dancing poodles and the non-english speaking tigers just to name a few.

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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Wonderful Museum

Flying your paper plane

Indy Car Crew

Wind Tunnel Fun!

The boys were out of school for MLK day and we headed with some friends to a children's museum in Greenville, SC. Yes, it takes about an hour and half to get to Greenville and yes Charlotte does have some amazing children's museums. But the one in Greenville blows everything else out of the water. It is beyond amazing. The children ranging from 2 - 7 had a blast there was so much to do - we spent the entire day there and still did not get to see and do everything - oh well, guess we will have to go back.

Little grocery shopping, a favorite by the way.

Hear your heartbeat by putting your hands on the metal cut outs. Yes, Davis' beats to a different drum.

Crutches and Cast and Stuffed Medical Care

The boys favorite hands on area (besides the grocery store) was the construction area. They played there forever. Or at least until the adults were starving and we dragged them away.

Lunchtime with good friends

Thanks Amy for taking all the pictures!

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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Check Up at 2

Last week, or maybe it was the week before last, Truman and I headed to see the Doctor for his big two year old check up. I just love check up time (haha not so much, I put it off as long as possible). It is not that I mind seeing the doctor and I am not here to debate vaccines, we do them but I respect those who make the choice not to do so. What I hate is the questionnaire that you have to answer each check up to see if your child is developing as needed. Questions like "does your child pick up a cheerio with 2 fingers and pass it to his other hand with 2 fingers?" seriously, I do not pay attention to how he passed the cheerio, Im just glad he put it in his mouth, chewed and swallowed. Or when walking up the stairs does your child grab the rail with one hand, put his left foot in front of his right foot all while bending over to pick up a tennis ball with his left hand? if so mark yes for always, sometimes for well...sometimes and no if never....UNLESS it is a orange tennis ball then mark.... I mean please my child is 2. And he is the 3rd one so at this point I am pleased that he eats, sleeps and walks. He knows many words but I am not sure how many so when I go to fill out the questionnaire I just try and make a really cute picture when I bubble in the answers, much like I did on the SATs. But when I got to the last question "Does your child jump with both feet off the ground" What from where? the side of a pool, well sure maybe or from the bottom step (after he has walked up with one hand on the rail, while bending over to....). Or just when I say "hey T - jump!" Well I am stumped - so I figure lets try it and see. I look at my little man only wearing a diaper and carrying a lightening mcqueen car in both hands and say hey Truman - can you jump for me? come on show Mommy how you can jump - come on now both feet, off the ground, now jump. To which he looked at me and said "No Mommy, I not jump". Ok well at least that answers the question "Is your child using 2 -3 word sentences?"

At 2 Truman weighs 22 pounds - and is 32 inches tall! No, not a misprint he is 22 pounds - big man he is! No worries though, he is just following in his brothers foot steps.

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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Quickie to Charleston

The Saturday after New Years day Ward and I decided to take a quick little trip to Charleston, one of my all time favorite places. I still miss it after having moved away years ago. It was a beautiful day and the boys as always were excited about a road trip! We arrived mid day and Ward sent me off to Kings Street for a little shopping while he and the boys played at the Children's Museum. Truman loved it - they had a make believe grocery store where he shopped and shopped and then got to CHECK OUT - complete with his own receipt. The highlight of his trip, he carried the receipt around in his back pocket.

We stayed at a hotel which was part of the old Citadel School. I love how much history is in one town. They had a awesome brick wall in the room that the boys enjoyed playing on - who needs toys!!

Enjoying a sippy of milk and a "check in" cookie!

Cool man Gage

We headed out to Hanks for dinner - one of my favorite seafood places.

Gage enjoying a huge bowl of ice cream

The next morning it was freezing. But the boys had their hearts set on a carriage ride through downtown.
The "kids"

Not much of a history buff, Tru took a little nap. While Gage asked me if I lived in Charleston when the pirates where there. Yes, I am old but not that old dear!

We warmed up after with lunch at the Noisy Oyster.

And of course a trip to the best candy store around.

The best way to guard your candy from your brothers while you sleep is to keep your hand in the bag!

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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Twenty Ten

We decided since Ward was on call this year for New Years Eve that we would make it a family event. The boys were so excited when we were invited to "party" at our friends the Sherrills! Of course the first question was "Can we stay up until mid-night" When I replied "Sure" I am not sure if they believed me given how much we stick to bedtimes around here. But why not, they had been so good during Christmas break, why not celebrate late into the night with friends.

We had a blast! Truman stayed up until about 9, then crashed in their pak n play. I kept waiting for Gage or Davis to crash but that never happened. I guess when you are rocking out to the Disney Channel countdown with 7 other kiddos you don't get tired. Never mind that I took a little cat-nap while the adults watched "The Hangover".
I'd call this the kids table!

1 minute until a new decade begins.

Beth and I had gone to Party City for a few dress up items!

Then as rednecks do in the south we headed outside to set off some fireworks!

Amy and I looking at the fireworks rather than the camera.

And what would New Years Eve be without at Brady Bunch style picture!

My adorable husband was between the party and the hospital.

When I left with a sleeping T-man it was 2am. Gage and Davis and the rest of the bunch were still going strong. When the boys came home the next morning Gage said that they had gone to bed a little closer to 3am. We had a wonderful New Years Eve and an even better New Years Day with long long naps for everyone!

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