Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Spoooky House

The boys had a great time decorating the house. As you can see we have a little problem with Mice.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Wonderfully Quiet Weekend

This weekend the boys spent Friday and Saturday with Nancy and Fred in Winston. Ward and had had such a nice quiet weekend. Friday night we went to once of our favorite places for dinner in Lake Norman "Red Rocks" came home for a late movie and were able to sleep in on Saturday morning! We spent Saturday shopping in Charlotte and had a great lunch at another of our favorite places. Saturday night we went the to the annual Van Meter Halloween Party. There were some great costumes as always! And the Adcocks managered to walk away some great prizes (fourth year in a row!) as Anna Nichole and Howard Stern. It was a cool crisp evening and it was great to see our friends plus enjoy some adult time. After the party we headed to Aunt Tina's and Uncle Scott's house for a mid-night showing of Rocky Horror Picture Show. Not being as young as we once were --- we headed about about 1:30am. This afternoon we picked the boys up and had lunch with Gramma and Fred in Lake Norman. The boys had gone to a Fall Festival near the Lima's house. They rode Ponies, play milked a cow (Gage is still talking about this tonight), saw a pig, colored color pages and had a blast. Back at the Lima's they rode the outside toys, did halloween artwork, made really cute halloween cookies, watched movies and ate popcorn. I have a feeling they went to bed way past bedtime (8pm) and maybe or maybe not napped! But that is all part of going away for the weekend huh! Attached are a few pictures of the costume party. The Callicutts made a cute pair as Beauty and The Geek.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Hallos Past

As you may know by now - I always like to take a look back. We are busy decorating our house for Halloween. We have created a huge spiderweb and after a few days a giant black spider decided to make it a home. We have a witch named Mary that guards our front door.(sorry no reference to anyone we know and love named Mary, it is just what the boys call her) We have mice running up our stairs and pumpkins galore. We have gone pumpkin hunting at the patch and have already feasted on tons of candy. But before I post pictures of Halloween present I enjoyed looking back at Hallopast.

The Bears...2006

A 2 year old Mouse - Gage 2004

Spider Gage - 2004

A Pumpkin Patch Visit -2005

Ward as Zorro for work

Halloween Bunco

Trick or Treating with the boys at the hospitals Retirement Home. 2 little Docs and a witch

Aunt Tina and Uncle Scott as Jessica and Nick

2005 - Ward and I took first place at the VanMeter Costume Party for our second year in a row. I think Ward made a GREAT Micheal Jackson, I was the kid from HomeAlone.

Monday, October 22, 2007

The Last Soccer Game

Saturday morning we had our last soccer game of the season. Gage has had a blast during the games as well as at practice each week. We will miss the time spent with our team friends and we are already talking about next season. We have to say a huge thank you to our wonderful soccer savey coaches - Mr. Jason, Mr. Micheal and our Favorite... Daddy and little bit coach Davis! Here are a few pictures from the game as well as the banquet that was held afterwards. Oh yes, and we spent a little time climbing a tree. A perfect new use for cleats!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

A Sunny Sunday Birthday

This past Sunday we celebrated our Best Buds birthdays. Dean and Kurt had their 2nd and 5th birthday parties at Adventure Landing. We played games, ate pizza and cake then went out for a round of Putt-Putt. I can not believe the boys (Dean and Gage) are about to turn 5. It does not seem like 5 years ago that we were having play dates while they snoozed away in their bouncy seats. One of my favorite stories is about sitting in the delivery room with Mrs. Karen while she was in labor and while we could hear Dean's heartbeat on the monitor Gage (who was still in uetro) was kicking up a storm, he would only stop kicking when I left the room. Then two weeks later to the day Gage was born and I was so excited that he already had a life long friend in Dean! It makes me realize how glad I am that me were able to move back to Gastonia a few years ago. These are just a few pictures of the boys from Sunday as well as some pictures from years past.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Go Tony!

Last Thursday we took the boys to Pole Night which is qualifing night for the Cup race on Saturday night. We had a blast. The weather had cooled off (it is back in the 80's) so we bundled up and headed out to the track. I wish I could capture their expressions when they first see the track and the cars going around. It is hysterical! We enjoyed nachos and other greasy track food and spent the evening cheering on Tony and making ugly faces at other drivers like Gordon, Jr. and Johnson. Our nickname for Gordon is "Baby Gordon" (Ward does not agree). But the boys enjoyed screaming "Booo Baby Gordon". Gage said "why does baby Gordon always cry Mommy?" It is amazing how quickly they pick up things (haha). Once Dale Jr. came out I took the opportunity to teach Gage the word "Overrated".... I will post a few pictures from Pole night. Ward and I had a great time Saturday night at the race. While it was not Tony's best race at Lowes he pulled thru with a fabulous finish.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

A Thomas the Tank Engine Sighting

A few Sunday afternoon's ago (does that sound right?) Ward and I took the boys up to Salisbury to see Thomas. A good friend of ours is a train engineer in his spare time and he invites us up when Thomas is in town. It is always a lot of fun. We get to ride Thomas and we get to hang out with Vince who actually drives Thomas. It was horribly hot this time. But the boys had so much fun. We even got to ride atop the caboose. Davis was worn out by the end of the ride as you can see from the picture. A day with Thomas is always a very special day.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Will it ever get cooler?

We are decorating the house for Halloween and I swear the boys are in swim trunks and playing in the sprinklers. But given the 90 degree weather there is not much else to do. Gage said that maybe if we added (posted) a snow picture we will get we'll try anything at this point. Everyone has been busy - Ward and I spent a wonderful relaxing weekend away this past weekend. We headed to the Grove Park Inn and Spa for a few nights while the boys stayed with Aunt Tina, Uncle Scott and Taylor. They enjoyed late night movies, a soccer game and even tackled a 5 year old birthday party at Chuck E Cheese. Yes, we are so blessed to have friends who are more like family (I think we owe them a weekend away). The weather report shows a cold front coming on way...our fingers are crossed as we head into the big "Race Weekend". I am pulling the Tony Stewart gear out and we head to qualifying Thursday night with the boys and then Ward and I have a romantic date Saturday for the big Nextel Cup Race! Go Tony!!! Check back for pictures - of course they will all be of the orange #20.....