Saturday, March 31, 2007

First Place

A follow-up to the earlier post! After our 2nd performance today during the Run for the Money - We WON!! 1st place baby --- $1500 for the Junior League of Gastonia! A HUGE special thank you to Rich, our Goldilocks!

Friday, March 30, 2007

Garden Party

Each year the Community Foundation of Gaston County invites area not-for-profits to participate in different events during Run for the Money. In short the foundation raises money on behalf of all of the not-for-profits (currently 112 nonprofits participate). As a part of the Junior League we participated in the Karaoke competition last night. We re-wrote the words to Ricky Nelson's Garden Party and our lead Rich VanMeter dressed in drag while Annie, Anne-Bee and I sang back up. At the end of the night we are qualified in the top 3 and will repeat our performance the Saturday during the big Run. It is possible that we can raise an extra $1500. for the League! Stay tuned to hear the results. ROCK ON!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

A Favorite Shopping Hole

One of my favorite places to shop online is Gaddie and Tood. Robin made these wonderful shirts for the boys with their own image as pirates. She also does great notes and she is very creative. Check out her website on the link to the side.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

My Cousin

My cousin Drey recently took a trip to the Grand Canyon - I think this is an amazing picture.

Bouncy Paradise

Today Davis, Gage and I met our dear friends the Van Meters and the Anthony's at Monkey Joes. It is the really great indoor bouncy playground for children and adults alike. The children took off running before we could even get in the door. A little Heaven on earth for them. My youngest monkey Davis got in the big big kids obstacle course bouncer and scaled a 6 foot plus wall without missing a beat. But once he got to the top an saw that he would have to slide down the huge steep slide he was trying to go back down the rock wall side. Lucky Aunt Anne-Bee took over and helped him slide down. This place was a blast and we look forward to spending some of our hot summer days there. Best of all I had two great nappers afterwards. The group picture includes Gage, Davis, Maddie, Ethan, Kathryn, Anne-Bee, Annie and myself.

A visit from the Adcocks

We had a wonderful weekend. Pop-Pop and Mimi cam in for Grandparents Day at Gage's school. Gage had a blast showing off his new school. Len, Christine and Will came in from Nashville too! We had a packed house and a lot of fun! We also were able to celebrate Len's birthday. The boys run wild and the weather was beautiful. We played outside and enjoyed some outstanding meals!

Celebrating 9 Years Chicago Style

Ward and I headed to Chicago last weekend to celebrate our 9th wedding anniversary. We had a wonderful time. Took a little carriage ride around downtown and then headed for drinks on the 96th floor of the John Hancock building. What a wonderful view. We missed the boys, but boy was it nice to have the chance to miss them!

Puppies, Circus and much more

Over the last few weeks Gage and his class have had "theme" weeks. Starting with the domesticated animals. On share day Millicent went to Gaston Christian for a visit. As we were waiting the entire class parades out in doggy ears and big spots. Too cute. The following week was circus week. You will note Gage makes a wonderful clown face paint and all, little brother Davis while not in full face paint is still very much a clown too! Gage enjoyed his first bite of cotton candy during snack time for circus week! Lucky for us he is not a fan. Last but not least we had a tiger come home from school one friday and on Monday morning we were still wearing our mask! I am still puzzled as to how he slept thru the night with it on!

St. Pats All Month

Better late than never we always say --- maybe because I am always late now that I have 2 charming boys!

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Birds of a Feather

While I do not have a picture of the pair today we had the enjoyment of lunching with 2 Carolina Wrens. Ward came home for lunch and we keep seeing this white/brown sticky substance on the kitchen floor - thinking we had mice (they have been known to pass thru) I continue to wipe it up and disinfect. But a few minutes later we hear this loud chirping noise. As the boys are freaking out and r hiding under the table Ward and I venture up to the playroom and amid a blank load of bird poop we spy two wrens freaking out. They must have come in thru the open window or they knew our house is for sale and they stopped in for a peep! 30 minutes later I am still on hold with Animal Control (thank goodness I was not reporting a rabid animal) Ward is running around the room trying to throw a blanket over the birds - finally they fly out the window leaving us in stitches with a ton of poop to clean up!

Thursday, March 15, 2007


Santa dropped Millicent off at our house Christmas morning. She is rotten and spoiled by both boys. They enjoy giving her treats and helping potty train her.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Cupcakes Galore

At night after dinner the boys like to make cupcakes. We turn on the music, they pull up chairs and we dance to Elmo while making yummy yummy cupcakes. Gage cracks the eggs while Davis pours the water and the oil. We all take turns giving the batter a stir.

Gage Starts Posting

Gage has decided he wants to create a blog to share pictures with family and friends. We look at cousin Will's post often and enjoy keeping up with their lives. Not sure how well I will do at this but I am sure with Gage's help (and constant reminding) we will keep you up-to-date often.