Friday, June 6, 2008

Traveling Back In Time - End of School

At the start of the school year I signed up to organize the End of the School party for Gage's class... What was I thinking. They are wild by the end of school. It is Gage's last year in pre-school so we went with a water theme and tagged it Set Sail for Kindergarten. With a huge thank you to Orient Express and Target I was able to find lots of cheap fun little water toys. My friend Nancy Lemke made the absolute best sailboat cake and our sitter Ms. Lauren came to help keep everyone in line. Our last week of school we had a little cold snap but when you are 4 and 5 who cares about the weather when there is mud and water. We started the morning making a sailboat craft then headed outside to play some games and make mud. Mind you we are in the South so it is more like red clay. Ugh... and yes Gage wanted to wear one of his best bathing suits. Lesson learned - I am sure there are other Mommy's cursing my name.

Gage had a great class this year. You can see there are equal boys and girls. Last year Gage was 1 of 2 boys. If he was in high school he might have liked that, but not in pre-school. We just loved Mrs. Hardin. She is wonder-woman. We look forward to Kindergarten and are thankful for the memories and friends we made this year.

The Class

Yummy Yummy Cake

Gettin' a little crafty
As you can see I am no Martha.

Time for a Relay Race
Hats, Gloves, Socks, Float - Ready Set Go

Sailing our sailboats in the CLEAN pool

The waterball

Although not the greatest pic - I love this one and the expressions on their faces.

Gage and Nicholas ready to rinse off

The Mud Pit - It started out as a nice little pool.