Sunday, March 30, 2008

3 Months

A little late on this post (as usual). Baby Tru celebrated 3 months on the 22nd of March.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Egg Hunts, The Bunny, Only 1 Pink Egg and Not a Good Family Picture

The boys enjoyed a wonderful Easter season full of egg hunts. We went to a total of 5 and with each one Gage got more and more competive. One of my favorite egg hunts was the flashlight egg hunt. It was a cool spring evening and the boys had a blast with the flashlights. I have to say that candy was yucky, so the flashlight aspect was a benefit. I should not complain, it was put on by one of the local parks - but really how many children like red hot cinnamon candies and mary janes???

The little girl with the bunny ears is a friend of ours - her name is Claire - I loved the bunny ears.

I guess I need to get use to the fact that there is no chance of pink in our house. Even our Easter eggs have to be Star Wars - the only reason this one came out pink is because the red capsule was bad.

All 3 boys dying eggs - Tru really is growing up way too fast.

One of the hunts was at our club - you can tell the boys were on their best behavior. And then right before we headed to the car someone gave Davis a Reese Cup - the picture does not do it justice, he really decided to wear half of it and eat the other half.

Next to impossible to get a decent family picture. I just know Tru will be one of those children that stands still for pictures - I mean chances are there has to be one in the bunch RIGHT??

A Huge Treat - Ward and I went away for the night Friday night before Easter and enjoyed a 24 hour period away in Greenville. A early-belated anniversary celebration. But we got to stop at my favorite bakery on Saturday morning to get a little egg treat. Plus a picture of the early early Sunday egg hunt in our backyard and Davis the boy with the golden egg.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Booger Wall

Could this face???

Yes, you read correctly I said booger (spelling) wall. You know you think about words or phrases you never really thought you would utter as a mother and I have to say this is on the top of my list. While I will not post a picture because trust me it is gross...A few days ago I was laying in the bottom bunk with Davis at nap-time reading a book (call me a bad mother but yes, Gage and Davis still take naps) and I just happen to look over at the wall that the bunk beds sits up against and there are nasty boogers all over the wall. I asked Davis "what is that on your wall" with a huge smile and a big chuckle he told me "boogers" - and then I had to ask "are they yours" like him saying yes was going to some how comfort me. I have a horrible gag reflex and did not look forward to cleaning the wall. I mean seriously. What was going thru his mind and how long had he being doing this? To quote my favorite 80's saying - Gag me with a spoon. Again I must be paying for my raisin' I can just hear my father laughing out loud and saying something about how he was just saving on tissue.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The New Love in Gage's Life

Over the weekend Gage found a new love. A motorcycle... Yes, my heart skipped a few beats while Ward proudly chased him in circles around the yard. The boys next door received motorbikes for Christmas and with the nice weather they have been outside riding them. It was only a matter of time until Gage was on the one with training wheels and racing around our yard. Ward had a motorbike growing up. As a matter of fact he was in a serious accident one summer on one with scars to show for the weeks in the hospital, multiple surgeries and a summer in a wheelchair. I don't really see the excitement in it more so the danger. It is funny to me Gage is not really my daredevil - that is all Davis. And Ward is not really a dare-devil either but for some reason they are sharing the love of a motorbike. Maybe it will be Gage's first step into the Nascar circuit. He has talked about it non-stop and has not stopped asking when they will be out (unfortunately they told him to come over when ever he wants to ride it). I guess our Christmas list has already started. Oh by the way notice the socks - he will no longer wear plain white socks - he wants fun socks like his dad.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Early Easter Egg Hunt

On Saturday Ward took Gage and Davis to the annual Easter Egg hunt at the hospital. But in anticipation of the days events Ward was prepping the boys on Friday night. The conversation goes a little like this
Ward: Davis do you know how to hunt Easter Eggs
Davis: Yep
Ward: How do you hunt Easter eggs
Davis: We get our guns and we shoot them.
Ok keep in mind we really do not come from a family of hunters. I think Ward use to rabbit hunt with his grandfather and I went deer hunting once (killed a doe, so i never needed to go back). But that really is the extent of our hunting.
Anyhoo - they woke up early Saturday morning - basket in hand to collect their kill (eggs). They had a great time - the weather was a little overcast but the eggs were plentiful. They even won this life-size rabbit they have named "Thor-tence" who knows why. Actually he is quite scary, I will have to post a picture of him later. I guess it is time to take Davis for a haircut - Ward said everyone kept referring to him as a little girl. Please like I would dress my little girl in khakis and a button down.

Friday, March 14, 2008

10 Years - Time to Celebrate

10 years ago today Ward and I were married in Branson, MO. My fondest memories from that day include having my father walk me down the aisle with tears in his eyes while he waved to his life-long friends. The toast that Scott Callicutt gave and dancing to Garth Brooks song "The Dance" in honor of my mother after everyone had headed outside. I still remember how fragrant my flowers were and how I kept them on the night stand in our hotel so I could smell them when I woke up (none have smelled as sweet since). The funniest thing I remember about my wedding night was waking up starving about 1 am (I would not let ward eat at the reception). With things on the room service menu like Ostrich we opted to head out to Steak and Shake - problem is we only had our wedding clothes and out going away clothes for that morning - so wanting to get the most wear out of it - I put my wedding dress back on and we head to the drive thru for burgers and milk shakes! I remember my Uncle Bill carrying Ward suitcase to the airport and asking why it (the suitcase) was playing the Lone Ranger theme. But most of all what I remember was being so excited about our future. We had the best honeymoon and met some really interesting people - I do wonder where Charlie the policeman from Boston is now and the guy who stayed in the bar who's wife had won the trip on Jeopardy but never came out of their room.

Ward and I both have changed quite a lot since first getting married. We were very opposite actually when I look back on it. I like to think we are somewhere in the middle now. He still tucks his shirt in at all times and I still put my foot in my mouth daily. To celebrate we are heading to Greenville, SC to spend tomorrow night. It is where we lived when we got married and one of our favorite towns. But we are anxiously awaiting out trip to Parrot Cay in May for the real celebration. It may not be like the Couples Resort in Jamaica where we spent out honeymoon but hey I bet we can find some interesting people just the same! Here is to 10 great years, 3 adorable children and one sexy husband! I love you honey, thanks for being the best!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Mean Mean Nasty RSV

Poor little Tru - he has been barking like a seal for a few days - he does suffer from being the 3rd child - it took me a few days to get myself convinced that he needed to be seen. But last night while the boys went to church he and I went to see Dr. Davis. He was a trooper while they swabbed his nose (although I think they had to have hit his brain as far as the swab went up his nose). And unlucky for us, we tested positive for RSV (Raspy Seal Voice)- Dr. Davis assured us that this late in the season RSV is winding down and rather tame. So little seal Tru and I headed out with some great meds that should fight the mean nasty RSV and turn the barking seal back into my sweet little 10 Pound baby boy! Yes 10 pounds! Yippy! After he gets to feeling better we are going to work on sleeping thru the night! 10 pounds has been our magic number before....

Monday, March 10, 2008

X marks the spot

Baby Tru gets some love from Mrs. Beth

Future Vet Ali J

Birthday Boy loves his funny hair

Maddie plays the drums

Grady takes time to cook

Mommy and Pan

Uncle Scott gets eaten

Too cute to be pirates

Captain Hook, E and Max

Our Buddy Max Doin' a little shoppin'

Peter Pan (Davis) stands ready at check out

Little Man Tru pushing the shopping cart
Stocking up on a favorite milk!

We celebrated Baby D's birthday a little late this year. (my motto for 2008 - Better late than never) Anyhoo davis and a few of his buddies had a pirate party at Charlotte at Play. Let me just give a huge shout out to Charlotte at Play - they did everything - cake, paper products, personalized invites - we just showed up. So what is Charlotte at play anyway? Is is a place for children to have "imaginative" play. They have a grocery store, a race track, a dino dig, a castle, a stage set up for a band, a dentist office, a vet clinic, a diner and our fav of favs the pirate ship. It is one of those places where you stand around with your friends going "Why didn't I think of this".... We had a blast and Baby D enjoyed being able to celebrate his b-day again and ...... again. We could not leave the house with out our costumes (although they have costumes there) Davis aka Peter Pan and Gage aka Captin Hook. My dad would be so excited to know how often the boys dress up in these costumes. For me it was nice to have a little part of him there.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

I am late for a very important date....

My 2 month birthday
(gage set up this pic)

Waiting for the Doctor

Getting some love from my big bros!

I am unsure where the last two months have gone - there is a lot to post about and I am far far behind. Let's start with Tru. He is growing like a weed. Far faster than his 2 brothers. We headed to the doctor for his 2 month check up (a few weeks ago) in the pouring rain. It was the first appointment of the morning (the best in my opinion) but while I was lucky with an early appointment as soon as we stepped inside the bottom of the sky fell out. So much fun to carry an umbrella, baby carrier, diaper bag etc... But Tru was a trooper! Aside from 2 shots he also got the oral vaccine for roto-virus (sp?) this is the first time it has been offered and I did somersaults to get it. We have been struck with roto way too many times - Gage even spent a few nights in the hospital dehydrated because of it at 18 months... Anyway Tru weighed 8 pounds 10 ozs! I have a bubble in my brain and can not remember his length - 20 something... at any rate we are well pleased with his growth and are looking forward to him sleeping thru the night. At this point he is still eating once in the night somewhere between 2-3 am.