Monday, March 30, 2009

Kitchen Window

I have often wondered while standing at my kitchen sink "Why is there almost always a window over the kitchen sink?"

Today I found out.

While peeling carrots for the Roast

I had the chance to watch Davis in the backyard peeing in a bucket held by his brother Gage.


No lie...

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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

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Monday, March 16, 2009

Playing Dead

A few days ago Spring teased us.  She gave us a few warm breezy days to enjoy before she let old man winter take back over.  In high school we had a name for these kinda girls...But needless to say I was swayed into opening the windows and the doors to enjoy her tease.  Little did I know the gift I was about to receive.

Thursday afternoon the boys and I are sitting in the family room (screen doors in use/windows open) and while playing legos we are listening to the birds singing.  Gage even comments how close the one sounds.

Later that night while Daddy is bathing the boys Davis swears there is bird poo in the bathtub.  "No-way" Ward says and we laugh it off.

Next morning Winter has returned and the windows are shut once again! While little Tru and I are playing on the floor in his room, BUT what to my wondering eyes should appear but bird poo on his floor.  I pop him into his crib and clean up the poo.  LAst minute I decide to head down and get some sanitizer.  As I make my way into the kitchen this huge bird swoops down and comes within inches of my head.  I scream and he takes off for the family room to perch (ie poop) on my mantel.  

It is me vs the bird.

Tru is no help as I am chasing the bird from room to room he is making his way downstairs laughing all the way.  All while I am running from room to room on my cell phone trying to call Ward or my neighbor.  I need back up - this bird is huge and who knows if there are others lurking...waiting to catch me when I am weak... Of course,  Ward does not answer, I leave messages "Yes, you may be in the middle of a pap smear honey, but we are filming Birds II here"....  The bird is under attack.  I have nothing but my Lysol.  Then as if he saw a chance to get away - he flew right into the window...

"Oh no" I squeal if only to myself. He has broken his neck and is laying in his own poo.  Poor vulture.  I estimated how long it would take for him to die.  He was laying there - blinking and taking his last few breaths.  I decide Lysol is not the way for him to go so I am off to get a box to cover him with - a tupperware box I decide as big as he is.  This way I can cover him and he won't be able to breath.  A much quicker death and so much more humane.  

As I return down the stairs with the tupperware box of death he some how pulls himself away from deaths door only to attack me again.  Mid attack I manage to get the front door open and he sees the light.  Out the door he flies, leaving me to clean up all of his little gifts of poo. Which after he spent the night inside was more than you can imagine 

Talk about a crappy day.

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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Whacked Out Wednesday

Davis has a minor obsession with basketball - not playing as much as wearing basketball uniforms.  This is one he received for his birthday.  I have to wash it almost daily.  He wears it everywhere if given the chance. He even wears it to bed, which makes it really hard to wash it when he is asleep.  I am not sure if there ever was something I was so obsessed with as a child.  I do recall a kelley green wrap skirt with hot pick frogs that I loved, but I know I never would have been allowed to sleep in it.

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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Thankful Tuesday

Thankful Tuesday - I am thankful for my little Tru.  He is a sweet as can be and such a good natured child.  At least until one of his brothers tries to take a toy from him.  Then he lets out a squeal that I can only compare to that of a tree monkey.

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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Green Eggs and Ham

In honor of Dr Suess' birthday Gage's class enjoyed a little green eggs and ham. Why I signed up to help cook is still a mystery to me. Anyone that knows me knows I have a quick gag reflex. And cooking ham and eggs that are green really did not help. But I am getting ahead of myself. The children loved the unusual snack. Most all devoured the eggs and the ham. Gage only enjoyed the ham... go figure.

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Saturday, March 7, 2009

A sleep at the table

So I normally do not post things like this but this is just too funny to miss. You know it is past naptime when this happens - ignore wards taping and picture snaps that happen from time to time.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Shoe Issues

it is because he is the 3rd child
it is because he wants to be a big boy
it is because his hands hurt from crawling
it is because he is protecting himself from his brothers

But Tru is obsessed with wearing shoes on his hands.
my shoes
the boys shoes
wards shoes
even the Build A Bear shoes...

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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

March Treat

Who would have thought that we would get 8 inches of snow the 1st day of March.  We went to sleep Sunday night with huge heavy snowflakes falling from the sky.  The boys snug in their beds dreamed of what the next morning would bring.  Gage was the first to rise.  He ran into our room and said "Mommy it is beautiful outside"  And it was.  

We have the worst hill for a driveway.  But come a snow day and it is the place to be.  We enjoyed a morning of sledding with our neighbors and friends.  A special thank you to our next door neighbor, Mr. Jeff who spent most of the morning shoveling snow at the bottom of the driveway.  Adding fresh yummy snow into the patches that melted from the constant sledding.  

We had a number of sled paths going but the best, was the one in the middle.  From the top of our drive you could sled down the drive, across the street and down the next hill.  We ending the day with more sledding and dinner at our friends the Sherrills.  The boys woke up early this morning as school was canceled again and headed out for  few last rides before the winter wonderland melted away.

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