Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Adcock Growth Curve

Tru had his 4 month visit to the Doctor yesterday! He just laughed and laughed during the "weigh in". With a huge smile on his face he chuckled thru the exam with Dr. High. He had all of us giggling he was so happy. He had a great check up, he is following in the foot-steps of his brothers and in what has become known with our Doctors as the "Adcock Growth Curve". He is in the 5th percentile for height and weight and 10th for head. He weighs 12.5 pounds and is 23 and 1/4 inches long.

When Gage was born I was pro-paci. Gage was a paci baby and enjoyed his paci until he was 2 in his crib then the sucking part was cut off and we never looked back. Davis never took to the paci. Truman had a paci but has given it up in favor of thumb sucking and hair rubbing. I never thought I would want to thumb sucker because unlike the paci I can not cut it off. But it is so cute and he is my baby sooooo... oh well - I can hear it now..."Truman always gets what he wants, you even let him suck his thumb"...

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Which of these faces....

Which of these faces would you expect to get in trouble at school? Not only 1 time but 2 times in one day???? In trouble for what you ask?

1st offense: Giggling during the prayer.
2nd offense: and I quote from the teacher "mooning" the class.

Yes, Gage decided to moon the class. In his defense, he said that he did not pull down his pants, he just pulled up his shirt and "shook (his) booty" at his friend Cole. He does not know what mooning means and there was not skin shown. I am not sure that gives me anymore comfort. Gage is the child that never gets in trouble at school. He has been in a mom's morning out and pre-school setting since he was six months old. This is the first he has ever gotten in trouble and been punished at school. He had to sit outside his classroom for 5 minutes with the other little boy that was giggling during prayer. Then he had to move a sit alone after the shaking his bum incident at snack time. It was so hard not to laugh when his teacher told me what he had done. Partly because she was laughing so hard. When we discussed it at dinner he said it was because he had "had a bad day" and that he was trying to make his friends laugh. Ward and I made him apologize to his teacher this morning - and felt that sitting alone at snack time was enough punishment. At least he is paving the way for his wild brother Davis.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Welcome Walker

Walker Allen Adcock joined our family Saturday afternoon 1:05pm 7 pounds 3 oz and just over 19 inches! We are looking forward to meeting him in May. Congrats to proud Big Brother Will and to Len and Christine.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Weekend That Was

davis in his landshark balloon hat

taking in the baseball game

This past weekend we took a little trip down to Myrtle Beach. The weather was amazing, too cold to swim of course but perfect for shopping and playing. The boys had a blast. We took them to this place called Ride Makerz - the best way to describe it is that it is just like Build a Bear workshop but for cars. For those of you with kids into cars - I highly suggest going if you are ever in an area that has one.
We had the best time - you pick out everything from the model of the car to the mufflers to the rims and stickers (you can't build a monster truck without stickers!!). You can add remote control if you like as well. The boys went crazy. We had to race them time and time again in the parking lot of the hotel. It was by far the highlight of the trip. Although I got to see Darius Rucker from Hootie and the Blowfish while shopping at the Ron Jon store. He was there with his family shopping as well, so I guess you could say that was one of my highlights.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Tune Time with Baby D

As you know from earlier post, Gage received a guitar for Christmas and has been getting ready for the garage band to start this summer. Well recently Davis has picked up the guitar as well.

It is really sweet, he loves to sing. You can hear Gage in the background singing back up.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Blue Green Eyes All Around

You would think out of three children at least one of them would have brown eyes like mommy, but no wrong. They are all just like daddy. My mom had hazel eyes and my father had brown like me.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

A check up with the Dentist

While Davis is on Spring Break I thought it might be time for his 1st visit to the dentist. At this point Gage had already seen the dentist a few times, but as I am learning sometimes it takes a little longer with the second and third child. Poor Tru he may not see a dentist until he is a teenager! When I called to make the appointment they said "let's get the boys on the same schedule" so both Gage and Davis had appointments for a little cleaning. We go to a pediatric dentist so the office is decked out with huge rooms where all the kiddos are together along with these life-size stuffed animals. They take the boys back with out mommy and each time they stay back there a little longer alone. The funny thing is sitting in the parents waiting room. Everyone is on pins and needles waiting to be called back to see how their children did or did not do.... Gage was nervous, he was so worried he was going to have a cavity or even worse Scurvy (sp) which is what pirates get because they don't eat enough fruit and their teeth fall out. Davis was a trooper, he held Gage's hadd telling him it would be ok. They both did a great job. Gage even had his first set of x-rays. But when it was time to open their mouths and have their teeth counted by the dentist all chaos broke out. (but this time I had been called back since it was time to meet with the dentist) Gage freaked out and started to cry. Tears streamed down but there was no sound which I can handle... But then that really stressed Davis out so when it was time for the dentist to count Davis' teeth he screamed and cried bloody murder. All the time Tru slept and slept some more well at least until some little girl came and knocked the box of take home toys over on him! We left with a few SUGAR FREE suckers,ballons, new toothbrushes, floss and a few scars.