Saturday, April 7, 2007

Three Cheers for the Medicators

Call me crazy, because I know I am --- As a fundraiser we are hosting a basketball game between the doctors and the lawyers! "Go Medicators" the money raised will go to purchase much needed supplies for Gaston County school nurses! On April 21st in front of a sold out high school gym we will be cheering on the Doctors. "Go Big Red" We have learned some wonderful cheers and have even created some dangerous stunts. Again "Go Medicators" Ward not being a basketball player will be the team waterboy! So I myself will be cheering for the waterboy! Go W-A-T-E-R- BOY...."

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Early Easter Tradition

Pop-Pop and Mimi send the boys Easter baskets each year filled with fun toys, candy galore and the very best stuffed eggs - it has quickly become a tradition at our house because not only do we fill our bellies with yummy candy they boys fill their piggy banks with the money stuffed into these plastic eggs. The first few years gage was more mesmerized by the coins and could careless about the bills. Now he grabs for the bills and the shinny silver coins whereas Davis just grabs for anything and everything. Thanks Pop-Pop and Mimi for loads of fun!

A week of wonderful weather

We have been blessed with some wonderful weather this past week. Starting last weekend the boys enjoyed a few area egg hunts. Davis is so excited about his basket and finding eggs. Gage wants to make sure everything is equal! The boys were able to take a short slow spin within our 'hood in the vette - Gage is very "into" being seen by a couple of his friends (girls:McKenzie age 4 and Maddison age 10) he wants Ward to go slow by their houses. We even took a little time out to fly the plane! What a fabulous week. Now we prepare for a very very cold Easter weekend.

Monday, April 2, 2007

A Year's Change

What happened to my little babies! This time last year Davis had just learned to walk and now he goes at a runners pace and talks non-stop, much like his big brother (and his mother). Ward found a baby snake in the yard yesterday Davis was amazed and wanted to keep it in his room - "nake, nake, nake Mommy". We spent about an hour on the computer researching "nakes". I do hope that this fascination passes quickly.