Sunday, June 15, 2008

An Interview with the SwimMister

Warning, interview with a 5 year-old below - one of those things that only a family could love. Read at your own risk...

Saturday morning Gage swam in his first swim meet for the Gastonia Clippers. The six and under group of our clubs swim team. I had a retreat that I had to attend so in order to find out more about the swim meet I interviewed Gage.

What was it like when you got to the pool?

It was like a huge "V" - there was a deep end and a shallow end and the deep end was not that deep - where ours is 10 feet theirs is like 4 because I could touch.

What were all the kids doing?

No one was in the pool when I go there. They were sittin' there. There was nerd ropes and all kinds of candy and fruit and vegetables and breakfast. I ate a nerd rope and they were about this long (shows with outstretched hands).

Describe your swimteam suit:

It was all blue, everyone was blue. it squeezed my bumm.
And we were called the Clippers.

Getting ready for FreeStyle


Did you have to go to the bathroom? Yes. (Should I have asked?? We have to see them all) And guess what there was a boy and he showed me his pirates and his pirates was his suit. (Ok does this have anything to do with the bathroom, should I be worried, this is why we tell him not to talk to strangers, did not know it should also include strange kids?)

What did the place look like? A big brick house and tennis courts and a baby pool that was like this shallow (hands show about 3 inches of water). (I did not have this on my list to ask, but he said it needed to be included)

What did your coaches say before the meet? When we were down at the pool the girl coach asked Davis (not our Davis) what stroke? He was the only one that got to pick.

Where did you stand during the meet? We stand down at the deep end and then we swam to the shallow end. I had to go last on the relay when I was racing (he knows nothing about being the anchor at this point) and then my team was already with their mommies and daddies before I finished.

Standing before Breast with Coach Nick

PUUUULLLLL - Gage is the second one in
(not the one looking around)

What did the water feel like? freezing cold, then for a longtime it was warmer but then when you got back out and in it was freezin cold.

What strokes did you swim? Freestyle, Breast and Freestyle Relay, we always swim freestyle and breast but the bigger kids (the 6 years olders) swim back and the butterfly thing. I will do that when I am a six year older.

What did you win? Ribbons, only ribbons, have you seen them? But I won in first in my free stroke race.

Swimmers Take Your Mark

Did Ethan and Maddie swim? Yeah, Ethan is now Max, not Ethan or Rick (Ethan is going by his new name). You know Mommy they would not have been there if they weren't on swimteam. so why did you ask that? (True, sorry)

Did you have a breakdown? Nods Yes, don't write that on there, please don't.

Ok, I won't - why did you have one? Because Daddy ate my nerd rope and it was gone when I came back and I wanted more.

What was your favorite thing about the meet? Freestyle.

Ok, one last question, do you think will continue to swim? I did not want to swim in the free relay, it wasn't fun I was too tired. But Daddy did not let me leave and he did it before fathers day too.<

*****Note to mom - feed him pasta the night before so that he will have the strengh to go on***

Ok there you have it. I am so sorry I missed it. We have 2 more meets before the conference meet in July. I am sure all the children were exhausted. They are 3, 4, 5 and 6 years old. They warm about for 15 minutes before the meet. Ward said Gage swam about 10 or 12 warm up laps before the meet even started. And then to swim in 3 heats Gage was so tired. But he was excited when he called me at my retreat. He talked so fast he couldn't think straight.

The Final FreeStyle Relay
Gage is the one swimming on the outer lane, not the one swimming with his Dad.

I loved swimteam as a kid. Ward and Len both swam on huge teams as well. It is safe to say that it was the highlight of our summers. Ward will still boast he has a record that is unbeaten in Winston. My favorite family movie of Len is when he is swimming in the 6 and unders too and all the way down the lane he is looking around and smiling, I think he even may have thrown out a wave or two. The swim team is a little different now. No longer do the kids sit around and eat jello powder nor does everyone head to McDonalds afterwards, these were some of my favorite things about swim team. I guess it has become Nerd Ropes and Vegetables.

We have to thank Joe and The Buckner family for the team suit. It is a perfect fit! Stay tuned for future swimteam news. And maybe another painful interview or 2!
Peace OUT!