Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Bad Mommy Award

Yes, I win the bad mommy award today.
Being stressed about my surgery tomorrow already, if not to make me stress more, the wonderful (actually opposite of wonderful) surgical center of Gaston Memorial decided day before the surgery that someone else needed to go before me.  So, I would not have a 7:30 start time.  Which means that "Oh, when the first case is finished and we change over the room and blah blah blah"... maybe I would get to go by Oh, say 10 or so...  Ok, not gonna work - I asked for 7:30 for a reason!  Child care thank you.  So needless to say while Ward and I are trying to work  out the changes (ie. call and get me changed back to 7:30) Davis is yelling and popping a balloon in my face.  
I do that horrible terrible not so great thing.
I yell. 
At him.
Yes, I know it is not his fault.
Yes, I was stressed.
He had already been in time out and was deciding to spend the day with out his ears on as best I could tell because he had not listened to a word since coming home from school.
But stressed or not.
Him misbehaving or not.
I should not have yelled.
So today I award myself the "Bad Mommy Award"
Then true to Davis' character I was putting him down for a nap and I said.
"Davis, I am sorry for yelling at you - it was wrong of Mommy"
He said.
"It's ok Mommy, I will pray for you".
Thank you Davis.

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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Big Bird goes to the NC Inaugural Ball

As president of the Junior League Ward and I were invited to the North Carolina Inaugural Ball. We dropped the little ones off in Winston and headed to the state capital Raleigh on Thursday. The celebration kicked off with a Council of the State reception - A cocktail party to honor the Lieutenant Gov and the other newly elected officials. While most of the officials were from a different political party than I support it was still a great experience. After the reception we headed to the Rock the Ball party headlined by Dillon Fence - a North Carolina band that was popular in the 90's - at least from what Ward said. For once he was in the know and I was clueless. Well at least sort of - the band was playing when we arrived and Ward was like "see that is Dillon Fence - better in person huh" I was like "huh, when did they start playing, when they were in middle school, that drummer looks 15".... But Ward was in to it so we went with it. But I kept thinking "How young are these guys?" After a few songs the lead singer said "Thanks ladies and gents - we are PICO vs The Tree, Dillon Fence will be out after this song".... Afterwards we saw PICO at the bar with milk and cookies waiting on mom to give them a ride home! Pinky Swear!  I do not think Pico was born until the mid 90's.

Friday night was a cocktail party for the first female Governor of North Carolina. Bev Perdue. Followed by the presentation of the full Council and then the Ball. I have to say too that Bev wore a RED dress - you would have thought she would have chosen blue maybe there is a little Republican in her after all.

The highlight for Ward was getting to meet Cherie Berry, our long time Commissioner of Labor. He has always talked about Ms. Berry because her picture hangs in all of the elevators in North Carolina. Well, that and because her name is Cherie Berry.

As always Ward looked amazingly handsome in his tux, but me I felt a little like big bird.


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Monday, January 5, 2009

Ringing in 2009

What a wonderful New Years Eve with friends.  Ward & I almost never go out for NYE.  A few times we have been luck enough to spend it with my brother and sister in law and boys.  But this year Ward had some call coverage, the boys went to their Grandmothers and we headed to a party with friends.  Great Food! Great Band! Great Friends!  

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Friday, January 2, 2009

Christmas 2008

A late post as usual but we had a wonderful Christmas Day. Tru was sick and decided to wake up at 3 am. Lucky for us he did not demand to go down and see if Santa had left anything besides coal. He waited until his brothers woke up around 7 before heading down.

Truman decides to blow the present a kiss before opening.

Gage and Tru check out Gage's big star wars spaceship.

Davis heads out with his new "Big Guitar" to see about the reindeer food and to play a little tune for the neighbors

Loving my new sign - "I have flying monkeys"

Star Wars sheets - just like Daddy's!
We shared a wonderful lunch with the Callicutt family. But poor Tru being sick and up so early slept right through the meal and the annual birthday cake for Jesus.

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