Sunday, April 5, 2009

Weekender Recap

Such a great weekend. The boys had a soccer game Friday night. So they lost... We still had a lot of fun and enjoyed a celebration dinner at Moe's after. What did we celebrate given the fact that we did not score the most goals? We celebrated the fact that is was not a rain out and that we actually got to play.

Saturday morning we headed out for a picnic breakfast and a concert with Billy Jonas. They boys could not believe that the instruments consisted of household products. Since the concert I have lost a trash can, broom and beans.

After church on Sunday Ward and Gage headed out to fish while Big D, Tru and I went to the gardens. It was a beautiful carolina blue day. Davis decided he wanted to be a clown, hence the pin marks on his face. The boys took sharing to a new level when they took over my drink from McDee's.

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Thursday, April 2, 2009

GO Storm GO

Soccer season has begun. Although, it has been a rain out so far. We have a great team and an even better Coach this year! Gage and Big D are on the same team. Along with their friends, Ali, Max, Jack and Payne. Hip Hip Horary for the STORM. Now, rain rain go away and stay away so we can play ball!

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