Sunday, November 6, 2011

This boy stole my heart and he calls me....Mommy!

Happy 9th Birthday Gage. (I think a birthday is reason enough to update an age old blog). Gage stole my heart 9 years ago today. What a remarkable gift. It was his birthday but it was a day he gave me the best gift in the world. A son! It is funny how he continues to get older and have birthdays but I stay 29! haha. Gage was a beautiful baby with a head full of dark hair that had blond streaks running through it here and much so that the L&D nurses accused me of running out to have highlights added to his hair.

Each of my children hold a special and unique place in my heart. Gage is my first born. He allowed me to learn how to parent, he allows me to fail as a parent while I am learning and loves me just the same. He was a tiny tiny baby at birth 6lbs 7oz. Nine years later he is a whopping 52 pounds with a head full of blond hair. Funny thing though, I still see my mini munchkin.

At age nine I want Gage to remember that....
Is as active cub scout.
Serves on the Flag Patrol at his school, where he raises as lowers the American flag each day.
Is an avid reader (like mommy)
Still calls us "Mommy and Daddy"
Spends a decent about of time working on getting his hair to look "surfer-like"
Discovered Abercrombie and Fitch clothing but more importantly this year their cologne!
Was MVP for his age group on his summer swim team.
Swims year round for the Gaston Gators.
Won Best Sportsmanship Award for Pinewood Derby.
Has started piano lesson as a means to learn guitar.
Surfed in Costa Rica for the first time.
Attended his first week long overnight summer camp, Camp Seagull!
Found a passion for Zip-Lines.
Enjoys white water rafting.
Still sleeps with his "bear-dog" that he received as a new born.
Is a very loyal friend.
Has lost 8 teeth.
Would rather be fly fishing or swimming or playing in the ocean.
Says he will either be a chef or a MD when he grows up.
Is clueless about girls (lets keep it that way)
Loves English and Science.
Hates Math.
Went deep sea fishing in Costa Rica.
Spoils his youngest brother.
Is annoyed by his middle brother.
Likes to ride bikes with friends.
And loves to eat...anything and everything.
Became obsessed with roller coasters while at Disney this year.
Is learning that being a big brother might just be the most important job he will ever have.

Gage you amaze me daily. You are a wonderful mixture of the Clouds, the Goodwins, the Adcocks and the Roberts. In 9 years you have taught me many things. But most of all you have taught me unconditional love. Thank you for being a wonderful son. Happy Birthday. I can not wait to see what this year has planned for you.

Love you, Mommy

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