Monday, June 30, 2008

Who's A Chunky Monkey???

Well, it seems to be Mr. Tru. Today we went in to see Dr. High for our 6 month visit. It seems that my 3rd child born 5 weeks early maybe out-growing his brothers. Tru is the first Adcock boy to land on the growth chart. YEAH....

Weighing in at 15 pounds he is the the 10th percentile for weight

& drum roll please....

He is a towering 25 inches long --- again -10th percentile.

If I only would have been blogging when Gage was this age you would understand our excitement. So tonight we do a funky chicken dance and celebrate Tru's outstanding 6 month check up!

On a sad note, one of our favorite Doctors - James High, is leaving us to go off into the world of Mission work. We were blessed to see Dr. High on his last office day. Dr. High and his family are off to do medical mission work in Africa while bringing the Gospel to the African people. Once they get there and get settled and begin their story via blog I will post a link.

Doing His Own Funky Chicken Dance

Showing Off His Growth Sticker

Dr. High and the Chunky Monkey


Saturday, June 28, 2008

It tis a tooth

Milestone Warning!
Truman's 1st tooth has arrived.
One step closer to a steak dinner?
Doubt it, with our picky eaters!!
It's one step closer to a cheerio!

Friday, June 27, 2008

What was he thinking...

So last night "Wad" had a dinner meeting, the boys were asleep in bed and I got comfy on the couch with a pay per view movie "Fools Gold". Looking forward to an evening alone with Mathew even if I had to share him with Kate. Then the phone rang.... It was a friend from down the street (she also has three little ones). One of her little ones had been playing at my house earlier in the evening. So she says to me:
Are the boys in bed?
Do you know where their digital camera is?
uhhh, yeah....
Go get it.
ok, hold on I am whispering as I walk thru the hall.
Ok, go it.
Look at the pictures....
I scroll, lots of pictures of the baby - hey there is a good one, kinda artsy, most from Sunday of my middle monster, some of your little one, can't really see she is in front of the window...
Not much, what am I looking for?
Well, *%#* said that Gage asked her to take a picture of his bum and then that "front part that boys have".
WHAT??? He did WHAT.
Yeah, when we were putting them to bed she said .....
I am sure she kept talking but i was scrolling like a mad women.... no "nekey" pictures. Oh Lord help me, what am I raising?
Do they know how to delete them?
Not that I know of.
Seriously, my child has issues.
Speechless - and that is a lot for me.
We wrap up the conversation with a little more discussion. And I wait, until "Wad" gets home. Retell the story, which he thinks in funny. So I know tomorrow I must investigate.
Flash forward, 6:30 am Gage stumbles in bedhead and all....
So did you ask *@%$ to take a picture of you neked??
No good morning, nothing - cut to the chase.
Why did she tell her mommy that?
Long pause,
Well she asked if she could.
Middle monster is in the room now. Must have overheard at the door.
Yeah, she asked if she could and I asked if I could too, but Gage let us...
WHAT! Why would you think to do that?
Long Pause again.
Where are the pictures?
Shrugs, Maybe it was just my bum.

What is it with my child and his bum? First getting in trouble at school for "mooning" the class. Then showing off his bum for a picture. Can I blame this on the chipmunk movie too?
WHAT would Dr. SPOCK say about this one?

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

Sunday, June 22, 2008

A Happy 1/2 Birthday It Is!

Today I turned 1/2 a year old. My day was an eventful day.
My Mommy and Daddy let me sleep late - 7:45.
Then I got ready for Sunday school.
I had to wear this awful seersucker romper so that I would coordinate with my big bros. (Whatever)
I caught up with my peeps in nursery - not sure why they call it nursery there are never any nurses there. We sang, it was pretty laid back, I even hit a bottle - just a 6 ouncer!
After nursery we had lunch, I sucked on some bananas and my fist.
Mid-day my parents let me nap again, I was out for like 3 hours.
After waking up so late I helped Mommy with dinner, she loved me squealing out directions for the big brown piece of meat.
Tonight I had homemade mashed potatoes for the first time, with a side of fist.
Then everyone gathered around this highchair thing they strapped me in. (Honestly it was not any higher than the other chairs)
And put this huge multi-color thing in front of me.
It was Heaven on earth. I grabbed, I spit, I scratched, I stuck my fist in it and then miracles of miracles my fist landed in my mouth and I found out I LOVE cake.
Oh yeah baby - Happy 1/2 Birthday to me!
I am off for another 6 ouncer and to bed. Peace Out!

Getting Started

For some reason they removed a chunk for themselves. They could have eaten from my fist.

Enjoy Life, You are young only once!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Little Piggies

I could gobble up these little feet. In the summer we forget about the shoes & socks & enjoy the grass tickling our toes. I ask you, Is there anything better than little piggies?

Monday, June 16, 2008

Don't Go In The Baby Pool....

Ok so Davis my adorable lovable 3 year old has done it. My worst summer fears have come true. Can I show my face again? It happens every year, but did I honestly think it would happen to me? Uhhhh NO! I mean I guess maybe, in some corner of my mind being the mom of three I guess my chances are pretty good of it striking me once. But honestly, we go over it time and time again as we drive the 2 miles to the pool. Whatever you do, whenever you feel it, no matter where you are, no matter what you are doing, COME AND TELL ME IF YOU HAVE TO GO TO THE BATHROOM! Point Blank I did not sugarcoat it. Should I find relief in the fact that it happened on Daddy's watch, while I was ordering dinner. Yes, maybe unless you count in the fact that is was an abundantly busy baby pool day. And that it was during break when everyone and their brother (or sister) was in the baby pool. Do you put this in the baby book? If so how would you log it -
under what.......
Yes, I think I will. So Baby D's book will read:

1st time you rolled over - 4 months
1st time you smiled - 2 months
1st time you laughed - 2.5 months
1st time you held my hand - 5 months
1st time you crawled - 7 months
1st time you POOPED IN THE BABY POOL - 3 years 5 months and 8 days.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

An Interview with the SwimMister

Warning, interview with a 5 year-old below - one of those things that only a family could love. Read at your own risk...

Saturday morning Gage swam in his first swim meet for the Gastonia Clippers. The six and under group of our clubs swim team. I had a retreat that I had to attend so in order to find out more about the swim meet I interviewed Gage.

What was it like when you got to the pool?

It was like a huge "V" - there was a deep end and a shallow end and the deep end was not that deep - where ours is 10 feet theirs is like 4 because I could touch.

What were all the kids doing?

No one was in the pool when I go there. They were sittin' there. There was nerd ropes and all kinds of candy and fruit and vegetables and breakfast. I ate a nerd rope and they were about this long (shows with outstretched hands).

Describe your swimteam suit:

It was all blue, everyone was blue. it squeezed my bumm.
And we were called the Clippers.

Getting ready for FreeStyle


Did you have to go to the bathroom? Yes. (Should I have asked?? We have to see them all) And guess what there was a boy and he showed me his pirates and his pirates was his suit. (Ok does this have anything to do with the bathroom, should I be worried, this is why we tell him not to talk to strangers, did not know it should also include strange kids?)

What did the place look like? A big brick house and tennis courts and a baby pool that was like this shallow (hands show about 3 inches of water). (I did not have this on my list to ask, but he said it needed to be included)

What did your coaches say before the meet? When we were down at the pool the girl coach asked Davis (not our Davis) what stroke? He was the only one that got to pick.

Where did you stand during the meet? We stand down at the deep end and then we swam to the shallow end. I had to go last on the relay when I was racing (he knows nothing about being the anchor at this point) and then my team was already with their mommies and daddies before I finished.

Standing before Breast with Coach Nick

PUUUULLLLL - Gage is the second one in
(not the one looking around)

What did the water feel like? freezing cold, then for a longtime it was warmer but then when you got back out and in it was freezin cold.

What strokes did you swim? Freestyle, Breast and Freestyle Relay, we always swim freestyle and breast but the bigger kids (the 6 years olders) swim back and the butterfly thing. I will do that when I am a six year older.

What did you win? Ribbons, only ribbons, have you seen them? But I won in first in my free stroke race.

Swimmers Take Your Mark

Did Ethan and Maddie swim? Yeah, Ethan is now Max, not Ethan or Rick (Ethan is going by his new name). You know Mommy they would not have been there if they weren't on swimteam. so why did you ask that? (True, sorry)

Did you have a breakdown? Nods Yes, don't write that on there, please don't.

Ok, I won't - why did you have one? Because Daddy ate my nerd rope and it was gone when I came back and I wanted more.

What was your favorite thing about the meet? Freestyle.

Ok, one last question, do you think will continue to swim? I did not want to swim in the free relay, it wasn't fun I was too tired. But Daddy did not let me leave and he did it before fathers day too.<

*****Note to mom - feed him pasta the night before so that he will have the strengh to go on***

Ok there you have it. I am so sorry I missed it. We have 2 more meets before the conference meet in July. I am sure all the children were exhausted. They are 3, 4, 5 and 6 years old. They warm about for 15 minutes before the meet. Ward said Gage swam about 10 or 12 warm up laps before the meet even started. And then to swim in 3 heats Gage was so tired. But he was excited when he called me at my retreat. He talked so fast he couldn't think straight.

The Final FreeStyle Relay
Gage is the one swimming on the outer lane, not the one swimming with his Dad.

I loved swimteam as a kid. Ward and Len both swam on huge teams as well. It is safe to say that it was the highlight of our summers. Ward will still boast he has a record that is unbeaten in Winston. My favorite family movie of Len is when he is swimming in the 6 and unders too and all the way down the lane he is looking around and smiling, I think he even may have thrown out a wave or two. The swim team is a little different now. No longer do the kids sit around and eat jello powder nor does everyone head to McDonalds afterwards, these were some of my favorite things about swim team. I guess it has become Nerd Ropes and Vegetables.

We have to thank Joe and The Buckner family for the team suit. It is a perfect fit! Stay tuned for future swimteam news. And maybe another painful interview or 2!
Peace OUT!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Daddy-O Awards

Father's Day. Let me begin by saying how blessed I have been to have such a wonderful father myself. My father passed away a year ago this past May. He and I were very close later in life. I was a Daddy's girl growing up, but I am also smart enough to know that my mother allowed me to be that way even though she truly was the glue that held our family in place. My boys love my father. He had an infectious laugh. I can honestly say that just about every other day Gage or Davis comment on Pop-Pop and ask when they are going to see him again. Davis will cry and ask why he had to leave him. They were so close even at 2 and 4. His impact was huge on their lives. We talk about him often but we will honor him on Father's Day by telling tales about his life and the love he had for his grandchildren.

A Joyful Day
Gage and PopPop welcome Davis

Pop-Pop, Gage and Will
A Backyard Battle
April 2007

And Happy Father's Day to Ward.
To him we award to Ward Cleaver Award

Where do I begin. Ward is a remarkable father. Gage and Davis truly are "Daddy's Boys". God has blessed our family with an amazing father. There are so many things that makes him a great father. One of my favorites is that Ward makes it a priority to be the one to read the boys their books and put them to bed each night. There are few nights that he misses this ritual. Even if it means a quick 20 minute run home while a patient labors at the hospital. Yes, he grumbles from time to time but in heart of hearts he would not miss this opportunity. So in David Letterman fashion the boys and I have compiled a TOP ELEVEN list as to why we award Ward with the Ward Cleaver Father of the Year award. (Ten just was not enough)


11. He gives mommy flowers on the 14th of each month and takes her on dates.
10. He does not hesitate to change a stinky diaper or wipe a toddlers bumm.
9. He does 75% of the 11pm bottle feedings, as well as those that might come at 5 am.
8. He plays hide and seek.
7. He knows how to play legos and still has some of his Star War figures from when he was little - that he will share!!!
6. He is a hard worker and an amazing provider.
5. He can do a cannonball off the diving board, in the deep-end.
4. He has a cool car.
3. He helps give mommies their babies, even if it is late at night.
2. He takes us fishing.
1. He plays with us even if he is tired.

Destin 2007

Teaching Davis to swim

Friday, June 13, 2008

Halloween in June

Batman, A Pirate and My Racecar Driver

Do you remember loving Halloween when you were little? Maybe it was just my friends and I but we waited with great anticipation for a night of costumes and candy.

I went to an all girl school in downtown Charleston, SC Ashley Hall and each year we had a costume contest. It was great, you paraded across stage in your costume. This was back in the day when your parents made your costume. I was always a gypsy. I wore a long broom skirt, a peasant top, a scarf on my head, gold chains and to complete the costume the absolute most awesome earrings. My mom had made them out of the lids from the canned greenbeans my grandmother made each year. It was the large ring part. They were HUUUUGE. And I thought I was so cool. More like "Totally Rad". But it was probably more like "gag me with a spoon". But let's be honest... while it was great to dress up in costume it really was all about the candy. That was also back in the day when candy was not just a treat but a special treat at my house. I did not get candy everyday like my boys think they are entitled to.

So one June afternoon my neighborhood friends Christie T, Scott J, Matt S decided that it was crazzzy to only trick or treat in October. We all found costumes - I think I was a Strawberry Shortcake, Scott S was a TMNT (the first time they were cool) and we went from door to door in Ashboro East. And yes we said trick or treat. We got a ton of stuff, not just candy some people gave us fruit roll-ups (new to the market at that time) some people even gave us money. We even collected other friends as we went along. Then we headed to the shade of the picnic area by our neighborhood pool and shared our loot. Why do I tell you this story, well yesterday while I was feeding Tru (which has to be done in a quite room for him to eat) Gage and Davis dressed up and came knocking on my door saying trick or tweet. Of course asking for candy. They had gotten bored and pulled out our dress up clothing. They had me in stitches and it remined me of our Halloween in June.

Pirate Tru

Poutin' D

Mean Face
I said make your mean face, who knows what Tru was doing but it cracked me up when I saw this.


Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Do Lovies Predict The Future?

I was just thinking about the boys personality yesterday and I began to wonder.... Do lovies predict their future personalities?? I personally do not remember having anything that I was attached to as a small child. I did have this teddy bear that played "How Much Is that Doggie in the Window" I am not sure how I came by it but I do know I had it as a child and that was my mom's favorite song to sing to me. But it was not something I carried or slept with as I progressed thru my toddler years. Did the lack thereof shape my relationship personality? I would say that the way my boys are (Tru is too young to tell) their relationship with their lovies do reflect their little personalities.

Gage - has had the same navy blue "Old Navy" blanket since the day he was born. It came into our life as a gift from Dean Hunter (Dean was 2 weeks old at the time). When Gage was about 6 months old my friend Connie and her daughter Jasmine came up from Greenville, SC to meet Gage bringing him "BearDog". BearDog is bear-dog because Ward thought it was a bear, I thought dog.... Gage has slept with these bed buddies from the time it was allowable (you know once he could sit up in his crib and not suffocate from a lovies). He is fiercely loyal to these lovies. They do not come out of his bed, although beardog recently had surgery and spent a night in the hospital. He sleeps with the darkside of his blanket up and beardog under his arm. This is very much Gage - he is very loyal and very much a ritual, scheduled child.

Davis on the other hand - Well Davis is not quite so loyal outside of the blue blanket he has had since he was about a week old. This blanket is well worn hence well loved - but aside from blue blankie there is zero loyalty here. In the beginning he had one of those small blue blankets with a bearhead on it. I loved it because it was so very soft. Then there was a teddy or two, then a Lion that was called "puppy". Puppy stayed for awhile maybe even 1 year, but soon we met a pink and white dog named Anna. Anna has come and gone. There is a turtle, a dog named James, and a huge rabbit (bigger than Davis) named Foretence. This is Davis to a "t" he has zero attention span. He defines loyalty as what is there at that minute. If he has misplaced someone (other than blankie) he will just find another one. Throwing caution to the wind Davis is just happy to have a bed buddy within reach!

Tru - currently Tru has 2 lovies. A giraffe (called Lovie) and a organic bunny called "buckie". He is still too young for his blanket. He laughs hard belly laughs when he sees Buckie and he is easily pacified with Lovie. Will he be as dedicated as Gage or throw caution to the wind like Davis....

I don't know about you but if lovies are a personality prediction - I always dating those that threw caution to the wind and should have come with a "Buyer Beware" sticker like Davis, but I married the one that was fiercely loyal like Gage. It is nice to have a mix in the world.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Congrats To Gage

High5 held their t-ball banquet last Thursday. Along with his Trophy Gage received the Most Improved Player Award. He was really excited and enjoyed celebrating with his t-ball friends.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Speed Street

Oh I wish I were a ....

Davis gets ready for the rock wall

Gage mid-climb

Davis Loves Anything in Costume

The Boys Play PitCrew
A little loud for Davis

At the end of May Charlotte plays host to two NASCAR races. The All Star Challange and the Coca Cola 600. The week inbetween the 2 races there is a 3 or 4 day festival called SpeedWeek in downtown Charlotte. This year we decided to take the boys to Speed Street. It really was hot and overly crowded. I hate crowds when I have all 3 children. They (crowds) really freak me out. The boys were wonderful though, they never stepped out of our sight.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Tru at 5 months

Baby Tru is nearing his half birthday so I thought I might need to post his 5 month pictures. He is as sweet as sugar. He loves loves his big brothers. He has a big laugh but no one can make him laugh as loud or as hard as Gage can. We went to the pool tonight and he had the absolute BEST time. I of course forgot my camera but he was as happy as can be. I am looking into a helmet of some sort - maybe like a paintball one with a shield on the front. My face was soaking wet he was splashing so hard. I will have to get some pictures.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Traveling Back In Time - End of School

At the start of the school year I signed up to organize the End of the School party for Gage's class... What was I thinking. They are wild by the end of school. It is Gage's last year in pre-school so we went with a water theme and tagged it Set Sail for Kindergarten. With a huge thank you to Orient Express and Target I was able to find lots of cheap fun little water toys. My friend Nancy Lemke made the absolute best sailboat cake and our sitter Ms. Lauren came to help keep everyone in line. Our last week of school we had a little cold snap but when you are 4 and 5 who cares about the weather when there is mud and water. We started the morning making a sailboat craft then headed outside to play some games and make mud. Mind you we are in the South so it is more like red clay. Ugh... and yes Gage wanted to wear one of his best bathing suits. Lesson learned - I am sure there are other Mommy's cursing my name.

Gage had a great class this year. You can see there are equal boys and girls. Last year Gage was 1 of 2 boys. If he was in high school he might have liked that, but not in pre-school. We just loved Mrs. Hardin. She is wonder-woman. We look forward to Kindergarten and are thankful for the memories and friends we made this year.

The Class

Yummy Yummy Cake

Gettin' a little crafty
As you can see I am no Martha.

Time for a Relay Race
Hats, Gloves, Socks, Float - Ready Set Go

Sailing our sailboats in the CLEAN pool

The waterball

Although not the greatest pic - I love this one and the expressions on their faces.

Gage and Nicholas ready to rinse off

The Mud Pit - It started out as a nice little pool.