Monday, December 31, 2007

Diesel Train

All ABoard

Gage Blows The Whistle

Brotherly Love

He is here!

Looking for Diesel

On saturday Ward took the boys to ride the train. I have blogged about his friend Vince before who is a train engineer. Gage and I rode with him last year and had a fabulous time. I was so excited for Ward and Davis to experiece it as well. It is so much fun to ride the train - but it is truly a special experience to get to drive the train. Baby Tru and I stayed home to nap a little, celebrate his 1 week birthday and wait for Will to arrive from Nashville.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Ho Ho Ho & Tru Comes Home

Davis Rocks

Gage Lead Guitar

Checking out cookie crumbs and carrots left overs

What a wonderful Christmas. The boys woke up to see the goods left by Santa around 7am. The big hit of course was Davis' drum set (yes we are insane) and Gage's guitar. They are forming a garage band and tickets to the first performance will go on sale early next year. Tru will play bass guitar but until then they are looking for a keyboardist.

Later in the morning after Tru passed his car seat test we were able to bring the best Christmas gift home. He slept the entire way home. Davis can not get enough of him. I was s little worried about Davis but he has become Tru's protector.

Aunt Tina and Uncle Scott along with Taylor met us at home with a wonderful Christmas dinner. We had a fabulous time sharing our first few hours at home with the Callicutt's. Tru slept thru the entire meal and while davis preformed a drum solo.

What a wonderful Christmas. Len, Christine and Will are heading our way this weekend. We can not wait to see Will and how much he has grown.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Completely Adcock

Merry Christmas. Tru is coming home today! We are so excited. Here is a picture from yesterday, our first family picture. Tru was able to come to my room for a little while to meet his brothers. I have an overwhelming sense that our family is complete. Thanks to Anne-Bee for a wonderful family shot.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Little One

Our little one is doing well, hopefully he will join us at home tomorrow, what a Christmas Blessing that will be. Sleep tight all you little elves.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

A Blessing Comes Early

Truman Evans Adcock made his entrance into this world Saturday morning December 22, 2007 at 9:10 am via c-section (my first and last section!!!). "Tru" as he will be called weighed 5pounds 13 ounces at birth and is 18 3/4 inches long. He like his brothers before him has a head full of rich dark brown hair. He arrived to meet us 5 weeks early and with a few screams! What is in a name? Truman Cloud was my maternal grandfather. He was adorable, as sweet as can be (with a feisty streak of course) But most of all he was one of my most favorite people ever. Evans Cloud was one of my mother's great uncles. He was number 10 of 12 siblings, so I have to assume he had an adaptable personality.

Tru is doing well, he is in the NICU where he is getting a little assistance with his breathing. He is a sweet as he can be, with a feisty streak as well, go figure, let's home he is also adaptable! Gage and Davis are ready to meet their new brother and we are hoping that this will happen later in the week. Davis ask each time we talk to him on the phone if "baby brother is out of his room yet". He just cries when we tell him not yet. He is ready to be a big brother ---"like Gage" he says.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The Yule Log

Gage 2004

Davis 2005

Davis 2005
When I first met Ward it was very interesting to see how his family celebrated Christmas. What traditions they had as a family compared to what we did as a family. Christmas was huge at our house, it was my parents favorite holiday. We had a "real" Christmas tree each year, although one year when I was a child we had a white fake tree with colored lights, go figure it was the 70's. Ward also had a real tree with mis-match family ornaments. We had mis-match family ornaments as well. A lot of which my mother made when she was pregnant with me. (I am a Feb Babe) One ornament that stands out in my mind was a pottery ornament that his brother Len made (I think it was Len) anyway it weighs about 10 pounds and hung proudly on the tree. My favorite ornament which ward laughs at each year is a dried starfish with my picture on it - I made it in Brownies when I was in 2nd grade. At our house my parents would sit on the couch and instruct me on where to hang each ornament. Our Christmas stockings changed each year - Ward has this really cool stocking someone made for him that is really soft. A tradition at the Adcock house that never happened at mine was the "Yule" log. They would decorate a log to burn in the fireplace, I guess it was a big deal to their mother to have this log. The boys laugh and make fun of it now, but secretly I think it was one of their favorite things about Christmas. We have a gas fireplace so no yule log for us. But we do have a lighted brick that could serve as our Yule. I opened all of my gifts before Christmas and would re-tape them, after a few years my mother caught on and would wrap them a few times or even wrap up something I already had. I have since stopped doing this, after I waited 9 months to find out if Gage & Davis were boys or girls - I figured I could wait on a gift. But what I remember most about Christmas was that we would go to Christmas Eve service at mid-night at church. We would read scriptures and sing in a sanctuary lit only by candles. Later we would exit the church when the chimes rang at midnight and go outside to sing Silent Night. I loved this most of all when we lived in Charleston and went to this old church built in the 1800's. We still do this at our church here - it just happens at dusk and the children light all of our candles as we sing silent night. (Yes, even Davis did this last year). I will really miss not be able to go this year. At our house now we have some new traditions of our own, while we are away at church Santa sends his elves to drop of PJ's and slippers. They are sprinkled with sleep dust, to help you fall asleep quickly. We ride around after church and look at decorated houses. Then we have breakfast for dinner. This Christmas will be special, soon after my bed rest will be over, we will have a new baby. I am thankful for all of the traditions we had growing up, and maybe one day we will even add the Yule log to our house.

Monday, December 17, 2007

To the tree

Sunday after the boys got ready for church I took a little field trip downstairs to the Christmas tree for a few photos of the boys.

Saturday, December 15, 2007


Ward took the boys to have their picture taken with Santa. While in line Davis kept waving at Santa and he would wave back. Then he would ask Santa where the reindeer were, I guess Santa could not hear because finally Davis yelled "Santa, where are da reindeer?" Ward said that those in line erupted in laughter - but again Santa did not hear. When it was their turn Davis was very talkative with Santa while Gage just seems to be comatose. Gage asked for a guitar and a flashlight while Davis asked for a Firetruck and something else. Guess I am going to have to call the North Pole or have our Elf Andrew ask Santa what it was. I am just thankful Gage finally told us what he was going to ask for. For the longest time he said it was a secret and he could only tell Santa. Here is a little video Ward took for me to see. At some point you can see Davis asking about the reindeer being on the roof and about the tree, again Gage is como - I wish there was sound other than Ward.

Friday, December 14, 2007

My Sweet Boys

A picture of Gage Christmas morning - you can see the tree and the gifts - there is a fire in the fireplace and Andrew our Elf on the shelf is on the shelf above the fireplace.

Davis' loves Mickey and Minnie

The boys drew/colored pictures for me to keep by my bedside. The art says a lot about each of them - Davis is all over the place and with no thought to the lines. Gage is very detailed and takes his time. I am hoping Gage got some of Ward's artistic talent. He loves to sit and do art. Any type of art. He enjoys making animals out of pom poms and Popsicle sticks. They have these great kits at target if you have not seen them. Davis prefers to color on anything but paper but given the choice he would rather break the crayons or hide them from Gage. Either way - I love my pictures!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

34 WEEKS & Still Resting

34 weeks today - I am still on bed rest and still cooking this feisty little turkey. While he remains nameless - although Adcock is a sure thing - he is hopefully growing and getting ready for his debut in 2-3 weeks (lots of prayers and crossing our toes and fingers). Our friends continue to shower us with meals and well wishes. We are very thankful. I have decided that once he is here, happy and healthy I am going to move our bedroom to another room. The same 4 yellow walls are closing in.

Monday, December 10, 2007


Just announced the orginal picture in the dictionary next to the word "insanity" has been replaced with a picture of me!

Insanity, or madness, is a general popular and legal term defining behaviour influenced by mental instability. It is defined by the Merriam-Webster dictionary as a deranged state of the mind or lack of understanding. Today it is most commonly encountered as an informal term or in the narrow legal context of the insanity defense, and in the medical profession, the term is now avoided in favour of specific diagnoses of mental illness as schizophrenia and other psychotic disorder often brought on by bed rest![1] When discussing the mental stability of Heather Adcock as she enjoys week 6 of bed rest.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Yummy Yummy

First of all - 33 weeks today! Wo-ho.

My far away friend Mary Foster and her beautiful family sent me a little care package from what is one of my favorite candy stores. While I have never stepped foot in the Chocolate Tree located in Beaufort, SC (home for the Foster family) I love this place! Mary has sent us these treats before and they do not last very long - and I do not share (unless I get caught). May favorite is the chocolate covered oreos. They are soo soo yummy. I also like the other homemade chocolate candies - like those pictured here. The boys have enjoyed the solid chocolate cars (even had one for breakfast this am) and the Christmas Trees as well. A huge thank you to Mary - she knows me so well. We really miss not having them across the street but chocolates from The Chocolate Tree are amazing! You can order from them - in case anyone has a sweet tooth on your Christmas list.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Decorating Friends

A huge thank you to Aimme, Penelope and Cathy for coming today and decorating my house for Christmas. These great gals spent the morning working like Elves getting my house ready for Christmas. Aimee even put a tree up in my room. I am so thankful for all of our friends - everyone has been so helpful. We really do appreciate it all. Aunt Tina treated us to lunch today and brought her new puppy Maggie, and Molly (Millicent's BFF) over for a play date. It sure helps pass the time.

A Favorite From The Past
Gage & Pop-Pop 2004

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Getting Ready

Ward has been doing everything while I am on bed rest - he normally does a ton around the house anyway but he really is being mommy and daddy right now! I appreciate him so much. Once Baby Adcock 3 gets here and comes home I am going to have to send Ward on a trip away somewhere. This morning Ward had to leave early before the boys woke up - he had their breakfast out for them and bags for school packed - which just left me to get the boys dressed. It took awhile and I am clueless as to what their bedroom looks like now but the final result was they were dressed and out of the house in winter clothing! I could not resist a few pictures from the bed.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Davis and Frosty

Ward has begun bringing down Christmas decorations. And we have this Frosty - a gift from Grama Nancy 2 or 3 years ago. It is one of those musical dancing Frosty's. It sort of reminds me of Barney (sidenote - we don't watch Barney at our house because his voice annoys Ward and I so much) But of course like Barney the children love toys like this so we think - what is a few weeks with Frosty. It has been about 4 days and well... Frosty may take a trip to Fiji for some warm weather soon. He is almost as tall as Davis and weighs a good pound or two more than Davis. But Davis carries him everywhere - and wants to sleep with him at night too. He needs new batteries so his song is a little slow and off which just adds to his likability - haha. Don't get me wrong - we are glad Frosty is around and that Davis loves him so... I am just ready to book him a vacation somewhere much warmer.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Frequent Flyer

I am becoming a "Frequent Flyer" at Gaston Memorial Labor and Delivery. Not a good thing. Luckily we have only have had to use a room for a night or two and not the actual the Labor and Delivery part (although we won't be ever be doing the labor part). All is well - after this Friday's last episode we went ahead and did the steroid injections to boost lung maturity - but hopefully we will have a few more weeks allowing the little one to grow in utreo and not have to rely solely on the steroids. Here is a quick picture of the family from Thanksgiving Day. Aunt Tina and Uncle Scott treated us to a wonderful meal with both of their families. It was wonderful. The boys had a blast. And I enjoyed flying the coupe for a few hours.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

Wishing everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving - We are thankful for our family and friends. We treasure memories of Thanksgiving past and are so thankful for the times we shared. We look forward to future holiday celebrations with our family as it continues to grow! Side note - 31 weeks today - yah hoo!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Thanksgiving Feast

Gage and his class had their annual Thanksgiving Feast at school on Tuesday. They feasted on pb&j, rice krispy treats, juice boxes and candy corn trailmix. He made his not so little t-shirt that reads "I am thankful for my Mommy and Daddy". He wore this outfit all day - thru nap up until Ward came home around 7:30 and only took it off for bath time. Here are a few pictures of the boys before school and Gage in his Indian outfit!