Monday, February 22, 2010

The Peas!

Saturday night some girlfriends and I enjoyed a nice dinner out and then jumped in a limo to see the Black Eyed Peas! We had a blast. The limo picked us up at the restaurant and of course our entire group had to have the limo driver take a picture with each of our 15 cameras! My flash was not working, but I wasn't going to make the poor guy take another picture. Really not after his "don't cha ya'll have email?"! Uh yes, but it was really more fun to see him dodging cars while balancing all the cameras.

The concert was amazing. I normally prefer seeing people in small venues, but the Peas do nothing on the small scale. I wish I had taken my camera in to get pictures of the show! I love Fergie and was so glad she sang Big Girls Don't Cry for her solo. But I really really like He was awesome. Although I kept picturing him as the hippo in Madagascar II. Who knew the entire arena would vibrate for 2 and a half hours. Great concert and an even more enjoyable night with the girls!

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Saturday, February 13, 2010

A Full Hand!

Big D turned 5 on the 11th. A full hand now! Yes, because now when someone ask "How old are you?" He can display his entire hand, five full fingers! So much easier than having to hid the thumb!

I'd say this birthday has been a little confusing for him. A few weekends ago we spent the night at the Great Wolf Lodge for his birthday trip. He thought he turned 5 then. After all we had cake, there were gifts (the power ranger kind), we were with friends and we might have mentioned to the lifeguards that he had just turned 5 so that he could ride some of the big water-slides.

He was so ready to turn 5. 5 means so much more.
You can go to the "kids" room at the Y rather than the "baby" room.
5 is one step closer to kindergarten and the chance to ride the school bus on field trips.
5 means flag football is on the horizon and soon baseball won't mean t-ball.
5 years old is half a decade.
5 means once summer comes naps will be a thing of the past.
5 means so many things - all bigger and better - when you are 5!

Now that he is 5, he is ready to be 6.

So, how do I explain to him that soon birthdays will fly by?
That before he knows it he will be
12 at his first middle school dance (where yes, I will happily chaperone)!
That in a matter of time he will be 14 and sleeping in until noon (ward will be celebrating this day).
That soon enough he will be 16 and driving a car. Responsible for his life and others.
In only a few years he will be 18 and hanging his graduation tassel from his hat, having decided where to further his education and a step closer...well whatever he chooses.

Maybe one day he'll look back a realize that when he turned 5 he
loved to eat chicken nuggets, candy, and poptarts
he enjoyed soccer and defensive basketball
wanted to dress himself always in things that do not match
adored bed buddies and had at least 6 in his bed at any given time
loves country music
is always dancing and talking
can be mean as a snake but
has a heart of pure gold
loves to snuggle
wakes up at 6:33 every am (never 6:32 or 6:34)
and has to be one of the most hard headed opinionated 5 years old we know.
Which is why if you know Davis you love him.

We told Davis the story of his birth as our bedtime story on the night of his birthday. He loved hearing how I had my haircut that morning, how Gage went to the Van Meters, how many visitors we had while I was in labor, how the OB promised the nurses pizza if I delivered him before midnight, how before midnight the nurses were enjoying pizza, how Uncle Scott was the first person to hold him other than his father and I, how his father passed out on the floor of our hospital room a few hours after he was born because he was so sick.
And lastly, how we choice his name Davis Goodwin Adcock after finding out he was a boy a little after 10:30 on February 11, 2005.

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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Bobcats With Dad

For Christmas Davis received tickets to a Charlotte Bobcats game. When it came time for the game, Davis pulled out his MSU basketball uniform and offered his ESPN jersey to Gage! Truman was sick so I stayed behind at home - I really hated to miss his first pro basketball game. And Ward pulled the longest straw so he got to go!

The fan giveaway that night was the "toe-boggan" you can see my handsome boys wearing! After a yummy dinner of hot dogs and fries the boys headed to their seats. They were pleased to find out that they had the entire suite to themselves. I guess so they could burp and tell gassy boys jokes without anyone around to hear them. Plus they were able to try out each of the dozen different seats and the private bathroom multiple times.

Gage was in charge of the camera for most of the game. So if anyone would be interested in 78 pictures of the band from Johnson C Smith University I'd be happy to email them to you. Or some pictures of the backboard, half court line, fans kissing on the big screen... you get my drift. At some point in the game Gage asked Ward why the cheerleaders were always half neked. Wonder if he realized there was a basketball game going on? Davis on the other hand watched the players, committing the action to memory in hopes to mimic some of their moves at his basketball game later that week.

Late in the evening 3 sleepy-eyed boys wondered in - "toe boggans" securely on and gave me the play by play of the game.

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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Snow Daz = Mass sledding frenzy!

(Click Pic to enlarge)

When I was younger (in the 1980's younger), and lived in Summerville, SC we had a pool in our backyard. That made my house the house to hang out at in the middle of the summer. I loved it because I did not attend school with any of the kids in my neighborhood and no one I went to school with lived in my 'hood. So these summer "daz" gave me a chance to play and bond with friends I only saw on weekends during the school year.

Flash Forward to 2010
My boys get so excited when the forecast calls for snow- because that is the one time we have the house to hang at, for sure. (I only added "for sure" because of the rule you can't end a sentence in "at".) We happen to have the best hill (read driveway) in all of Colony Woods. Maybe even the best hill east of Gaston Day School Rd!!! I think part of it is because where our driveway ends the road begins a road which plummets into another breathtaking hill soooo I'm just sayin'.

Friday the flakes began to fall and before they even had a chance to think about sticking Gage and Davis were planning the Adcock Hill. And of course in true Adcock fashion we began retelling stories of past years on the hill. We talked about items that we had used to sled on before - yoga mats, trash can lids, pool floats, cardboard boxes - yes a little of everything has gone down the hill. But a few years ago we purchased disk sleds for $3.99 that have been the best sleds by far - This year we purchased 2 nicer double sleds and the boys could not wait to take the new ones out for a spin. As we headed to bed we talked of who might show up to sled and who was going to get the first run. I don't think any of us got much sleep that night. Ward and I both woke up through out the night sneaking peaks out the window to see if the snow at stuck to the "hill".

Bright and early saturday am we bundled up in our southern style sledding attire (which consist of jeans under sweatpants, long sleeve t-shirts under sweatshirts with another sweatshirt then scarf, jacket, gloves, multiple hats and socks covered by rain boots) . My dryer ran all day as I vowed to purchase ski bibs and ski gloves before the next snow fall (which is predicted for this weekend).

Children of all ages - some we have never seen before - showed up to try and conquer the Adcock Hill! And by sundown we were frozen, wet, and beyond worn out! With memories to last us until the next snow fall (Which I will just say I'd be fine with if it didn't happen until 2011)

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