Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Soccer & Davis

It is absolutely hysterical watching Davis play soccer. He loves it and has no problem stealing the ball from the other team and sometimes even his own team-mates. But we are working on that.

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Friday, September 19, 2008

Four Boys and a HOT Rod

Oh, yes he did it
He drove Tru around the hood
What was he thinking?

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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Funny Face

Look at my teeth! Cheerios here I come!

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Monday, September 15, 2008

Funny Little Boys

Gage and Davis
The two of you crack me up.
Growing up as an only child and being a girl, I played barbies and with dolls and house (Shawn Cassidy was my hubby)
But watching the 2 of you play together truly I laugh out loud.

You go to the playroom and pack your backpacks full of odds and ends
plastic fruit, star wars figures, legos, cards, books, bubbles, buddies, DVD's, I stand in awe of what you can get packed in.
You take off outside to ride off on your JohnDeeres

Yesterday you went on a "Quest"
What were you looking for?
"Oh Mommy we are going to find the dinosaurs and then the rabbit hiding in the trees"
Gage had to wear his new mircoear. Something he won at school that clips to his shirt and he can talk into so that he can hear himself in the ear piece that is attached -- Go Figure that one.

Out in the yard you both took turns driving around and looking though the binoculars in search of if the Dino Rabbits -
a far cry from my barbies and being Mrs. Shawn Cassidy.

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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Spice up your tailgating

With football season here I have to share one of my favorite football snacks.
My hubby and I love hot wings and now Gage does too!
Thanks to my friend Summer we can enjoy the taste of hot wings without the messy bones.
And it saves your lips from the burn of biting off the bone!

Spicy Chicken Dip
Qty - 3 chicken breasts (i have used canned before and taste just as good, whatever your personal preference is)
Qty - 1 small bottle of hot sauce (I like Franks)
Qty - 1 bottle Ranch dressing - small bottle will work fine or about 2/3 of a large bottle
Qty - 1 package of cream cheese
Qty - 1 package mozzarella cheese (2 cup size)

Boil chicken until done. Drain water and shred the chicken into small
pieces. Wash the pan and place shredded chicken back in pan and add bottle
of hot sauce. Simmer this mixture for about 45 minutes. Spread the cream
cheese into the bottom of a 9x9 or 8 1/2 x 11 pan and pour the chicken
mixture on top and level out. Pour the ranch dressing and smooth over the
top. Place mozzarella cheese on top and bake at 350 degrees until the cheese
melts and boils around the sides.

Serve with "Scoop" style chips or corn chips and a nice icy beverage of your choice. I prefer LandShark but again personal preference! Curl up and enjoy an afternoon of college football!

Sideline note:
** do not add the ranch dressing and mozzarella cheese if you are making
ahead of time to refrigerate overnight.

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Saturday, September 6, 2008

What a Proud Mommy I am....

no, not really when your children say things like this:

Sometimes I like to "free-ball" -( when the man came over to look at redoing our kitchen counters.)
The shark tooth necklace makes me look awesom"er"
If you are President of the Junior League how come you don't have a limo?
Why do you bring wine in the bathroom?

I don't want money I WANT CASH -(screams this as I am trying to give him a dollar to pay for candy. He thinks only coins are cash.)
I have to pee on the wall you told me not to touch anything.
Go get a glue stick Gage mommy's penis fell off
Mommy they forget to plug your hole when Truman came out (when looking at my belly button)

Crab Hunting

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Friday, September 5, 2008

They won't think I am Spanish

So on our long trip home last weekend from the beach we decide to stop for dinner in Atlanta.
I am in the mood for PF Changs
Well I have 2 of the pickiest eaters ever.
Truly Gage after a insane amount of testing for non-weight gain was labeled "True Picky Eater"
Of course, Davis follows the same pattern but this time we decide not to do a year of testing and label him TPE(Squared)
But that is a whole other post...
I tell them we are stopping at PF Changs
"What do they have there?"
"Chicken" (my standard answer because that is really all Davis eats)
"What kind a chicken"

As we sit down they quickly see the chopsticks.
Cool new found toy.
Since Davis decides that their chicken is not plain enough he uses his as drum sticks.
Yes people are staring but really
I have just been on a week long family vacation and at this point as long as there is not blood I do not care if people stare.
(Not to mention, we don't live in this town anyway)

So Gage (who now will try just about anything once, with the bribe of a sip of Coke) is eating Beef Lo Mein.
He is trying so hard to pick it up with the chopsticks. Near impossible for a 5 year old.
He is chasing the noodles around on the plate.
So trying to help I say
"You know honey you can use a regular fork"
then as loud as possible he says
"NO Mommy, then they will not think I am spanish"

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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Milestone Alert

Key up the Chariots of Fire music!
Guess Who is Crawling.

Yikes - I tried to stop it, put it off for a long as possible.
Seriously - once they start to crawl they don't look back.
It is not that I don't want him to grow up.
Trust me at 17 pounds he is a chunk to carry.
But now we have to make sure that
the mini mighty world people are put up
the star wars men are in their box
the mini legos are not buried in the shag carpet
that anything and everything that could fit in an 8 month's old mouth is off the floor
Now it is all fair game to a crawler!

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