Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Do Lovies Predict The Future?

I was just thinking about the boys personality yesterday and I began to wonder.... Do lovies predict their future personalities?? I personally do not remember having anything that I was attached to as a small child. I did have this teddy bear that played "How Much Is that Doggie in the Window" I am not sure how I came by it but I do know I had it as a child and that was my mom's favorite song to sing to me. But it was not something I carried or slept with as I progressed thru my toddler years. Did the lack thereof shape my relationship personality? I would say that the way my boys are (Tru is too young to tell) their relationship with their lovies do reflect their little personalities.

Gage - has had the same navy blue "Old Navy" blanket since the day he was born. It came into our life as a gift from Dean Hunter (Dean was 2 weeks old at the time). When Gage was about 6 months old my friend Connie and her daughter Jasmine came up from Greenville, SC to meet Gage bringing him "BearDog". BearDog is bear-dog because Ward thought it was a bear, I thought dog.... Gage has slept with these bed buddies from the time it was allowable (you know once he could sit up in his crib and not suffocate from a lovies). He is fiercely loyal to these lovies. They do not come out of his bed, although beardog recently had surgery and spent a night in the hospital. He sleeps with the darkside of his blanket up and beardog under his arm. This is very much Gage - he is very loyal and very much a ritual, scheduled child.

Davis on the other hand - Well Davis is not quite so loyal outside of the blue blanket he has had since he was about a week old. This blanket is well worn hence well loved - but aside from blue blankie there is zero loyalty here. In the beginning he had one of those small blue blankets with a bearhead on it. I loved it because it was so very soft. Then there was a teddy or two, then a Lion that was called "puppy". Puppy stayed for awhile maybe even 1 year, but soon we met a pink and white dog named Anna. Anna has come and gone. There is a turtle, a dog named James, and a huge rabbit (bigger than Davis) named Foretence. This is Davis to a "t" he has zero attention span. He defines loyalty as what is there at that minute. If he has misplaced someone (other than blankie) he will just find another one. Throwing caution to the wind Davis is just happy to have a bed buddy within reach!

Tru - currently Tru has 2 lovies. A giraffe (called Lovie) and a organic bunny called "buckie". He is still too young for his blanket. He laughs hard belly laughs when he sees Buckie and he is easily pacified with Lovie. Will he be as dedicated as Gage or throw caution to the wind like Davis....

I don't know about you but if lovies are a personality prediction - I always dating those that threw caution to the wind and should have come with a "Buyer Beware" sticker like Davis, but I married the one that was fiercely loyal like Gage. It is nice to have a mix in the world.