Monday, March 10, 2008

X marks the spot

Baby Tru gets some love from Mrs. Beth

Future Vet Ali J

Birthday Boy loves his funny hair

Maddie plays the drums

Grady takes time to cook

Mommy and Pan

Uncle Scott gets eaten

Too cute to be pirates

Captain Hook, E and Max

Our Buddy Max Doin' a little shoppin'

Peter Pan (Davis) stands ready at check out

Little Man Tru pushing the shopping cart
Stocking up on a favorite milk!

We celebrated Baby D's birthday a little late this year. (my motto for 2008 - Better late than never) Anyhoo davis and a few of his buddies had a pirate party at Charlotte at Play. Let me just give a huge shout out to Charlotte at Play - they did everything - cake, paper products, personalized invites - we just showed up. So what is Charlotte at play anyway? Is is a place for children to have "imaginative" play. They have a grocery store, a race track, a dino dig, a castle, a stage set up for a band, a dentist office, a vet clinic, a diner and our fav of favs the pirate ship. It is one of those places where you stand around with your friends going "Why didn't I think of this".... We had a blast and Baby D enjoyed being able to celebrate his b-day again and ...... again. We could not leave the house with out our costumes (although they have costumes there) Davis aka Peter Pan and Gage aka Captin Hook. My dad would be so excited to know how often the boys dress up in these costumes. For me it was nice to have a little part of him there.