Thursday, March 27, 2008

Egg Hunts, The Bunny, Only 1 Pink Egg and Not a Good Family Picture

The boys enjoyed a wonderful Easter season full of egg hunts. We went to a total of 5 and with each one Gage got more and more competive. One of my favorite egg hunts was the flashlight egg hunt. It was a cool spring evening and the boys had a blast with the flashlights. I have to say that candy was yucky, so the flashlight aspect was a benefit. I should not complain, it was put on by one of the local parks - but really how many children like red hot cinnamon candies and mary janes???

The little girl with the bunny ears is a friend of ours - her name is Claire - I loved the bunny ears.

I guess I need to get use to the fact that there is no chance of pink in our house. Even our Easter eggs have to be Star Wars - the only reason this one came out pink is because the red capsule was bad.

All 3 boys dying eggs - Tru really is growing up way too fast.

One of the hunts was at our club - you can tell the boys were on their best behavior. And then right before we headed to the car someone gave Davis a Reese Cup - the picture does not do it justice, he really decided to wear half of it and eat the other half.

Next to impossible to get a decent family picture. I just know Tru will be one of those children that stands still for pictures - I mean chances are there has to be one in the bunch RIGHT??

A Huge Treat - Ward and I went away for the night Friday night before Easter and enjoyed a 24 hour period away in Greenville. A early-belated anniversary celebration. But we got to stop at my favorite bakery on Saturday morning to get a little egg treat. Plus a picture of the early early Sunday egg hunt in our backyard and Davis the boy with the golden egg.