Thursday, March 6, 2008

I am late for a very important date....

My 2 month birthday
(gage set up this pic)

Waiting for the Doctor

Getting some love from my big bros!

I am unsure where the last two months have gone - there is a lot to post about and I am far far behind. Let's start with Tru. He is growing like a weed. Far faster than his 2 brothers. We headed to the doctor for his 2 month check up (a few weeks ago) in the pouring rain. It was the first appointment of the morning (the best in my opinion) but while I was lucky with an early appointment as soon as we stepped inside the bottom of the sky fell out. So much fun to carry an umbrella, baby carrier, diaper bag etc... But Tru was a trooper! Aside from 2 shots he also got the oral vaccine for roto-virus (sp?) this is the first time it has been offered and I did somersaults to get it. We have been struck with roto way too many times - Gage even spent a few nights in the hospital dehydrated because of it at 18 months... Anyway Tru weighed 8 pounds 10 ozs! I have a bubble in my brain and can not remember his length - 20 something... at any rate we are well pleased with his growth and are looking forward to him sleeping thru the night. At this point he is still eating once in the night somewhere between 2-3 am.