Friday, March 14, 2008

10 Years - Time to Celebrate

10 years ago today Ward and I were married in Branson, MO. My fondest memories from that day include having my father walk me down the aisle with tears in his eyes while he waved to his life-long friends. The toast that Scott Callicutt gave and dancing to Garth Brooks song "The Dance" in honor of my mother after everyone had headed outside. I still remember how fragrant my flowers were and how I kept them on the night stand in our hotel so I could smell them when I woke up (none have smelled as sweet since). The funniest thing I remember about my wedding night was waking up starving about 1 am (I would not let ward eat at the reception). With things on the room service menu like Ostrich we opted to head out to Steak and Shake - problem is we only had our wedding clothes and out going away clothes for that morning - so wanting to get the most wear out of it - I put my wedding dress back on and we head to the drive thru for burgers and milk shakes! I remember my Uncle Bill carrying Ward suitcase to the airport and asking why it (the suitcase) was playing the Lone Ranger theme. But most of all what I remember was being so excited about our future. We had the best honeymoon and met some really interesting people - I do wonder where Charlie the policeman from Boston is now and the guy who stayed in the bar who's wife had won the trip on Jeopardy but never came out of their room.

Ward and I both have changed quite a lot since first getting married. We were very opposite actually when I look back on it. I like to think we are somewhere in the middle now. He still tucks his shirt in at all times and I still put my foot in my mouth daily. To celebrate we are heading to Greenville, SC to spend tomorrow night. It is where we lived when we got married and one of our favorite towns. But we are anxiously awaiting out trip to Parrot Cay in May for the real celebration. It may not be like the Couples Resort in Jamaica where we spent out honeymoon but hey I bet we can find some interesting people just the same! Here is to 10 great years, 3 adorable children and one sexy husband! I love you honey, thanks for being the best!