Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Booger Wall

Could this face???

Yes, you read correctly I said booger (spelling) wall. You know you think about words or phrases you never really thought you would utter as a mother and I have to say this is on the top of my list. While I will not post a picture because trust me it is gross...A few days ago I was laying in the bottom bunk with Davis at nap-time reading a book (call me a bad mother but yes, Gage and Davis still take naps) and I just happen to look over at the wall that the bunk beds sits up against and there are nasty boogers all over the wall. I asked Davis "what is that on your wall" with a huge smile and a big chuckle he told me "boogers" - and then I had to ask "are they yours" like him saying yes was going to some how comfort me. I have a horrible gag reflex and did not look forward to cleaning the wall. I mean seriously. What was going thru his mind and how long had he being doing this? To quote my favorite 80's saying - Gag me with a spoon. Again I must be paying for my raisin' I can just hear my father laughing out loud and saying something about how he was just saving on tissue.