Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The New Love in Gage's Life

Over the weekend Gage found a new love. A motorcycle... Yes, my heart skipped a few beats while Ward proudly chased him in circles around the yard. The boys next door received motorbikes for Christmas and with the nice weather they have been outside riding them. It was only a matter of time until Gage was on the one with training wheels and racing around our yard. Ward had a motorbike growing up. As a matter of fact he was in a serious accident one summer on one with scars to show for the weeks in the hospital, multiple surgeries and a summer in a wheelchair. I don't really see the excitement in it more so the danger. It is funny to me Gage is not really my daredevil - that is all Davis. And Ward is not really a dare-devil either but for some reason they are sharing the love of a motorbike. Maybe it will be Gage's first step into the Nascar circuit. He has talked about it non-stop and has not stopped asking when they will be out (unfortunately they told him to come over when ever he wants to ride it). I guess our Christmas list has already started. Oh by the way notice the socks - he will no longer wear plain white socks - he wants fun socks like his dad.