Monday, March 17, 2008

Early Easter Egg Hunt

On Saturday Ward took Gage and Davis to the annual Easter Egg hunt at the hospital. But in anticipation of the days events Ward was prepping the boys on Friday night. The conversation goes a little like this
Ward: Davis do you know how to hunt Easter Eggs
Davis: Yep
Ward: How do you hunt Easter eggs
Davis: We get our guns and we shoot them.
Ok keep in mind we really do not come from a family of hunters. I think Ward use to rabbit hunt with his grandfather and I went deer hunting once (killed a doe, so i never needed to go back). But that really is the extent of our hunting.
Anyhoo - they woke up early Saturday morning - basket in hand to collect their kill (eggs). They had a great time - the weather was a little overcast but the eggs were plentiful. They even won this life-size rabbit they have named "Thor-tence" who knows why. Actually he is quite scary, I will have to post a picture of him later. I guess it is time to take Davis for a haircut - Ward said everyone kept referring to him as a little girl. Please like I would dress my little girl in khakis and a button down.