Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Davis and Frosty

Ward has begun bringing down Christmas decorations. And we have this Frosty - a gift from Grama Nancy 2 or 3 years ago. It is one of those musical dancing Frosty's. It sort of reminds me of Barney (sidenote - we don't watch Barney at our house because his voice annoys Ward and I so much) But of course like Barney the children love toys like this so we think - what is a few weeks with Frosty. It has been about 4 days and well... Frosty may take a trip to Fiji for some warm weather soon. He is almost as tall as Davis and weighs a good pound or two more than Davis. But Davis carries him everywhere - and wants to sleep with him at night too. He needs new batteries so his song is a little slow and off which just adds to his likability - haha. Don't get me wrong - we are glad Frosty is around and that Davis loves him so... I am just ready to book him a vacation somewhere much warmer.