Friday, December 14, 2007

My Sweet Boys

A picture of Gage Christmas morning - you can see the tree and the gifts - there is a fire in the fireplace and Andrew our Elf on the shelf is on the shelf above the fireplace.

Davis' loves Mickey and Minnie

The boys drew/colored pictures for me to keep by my bedside. The art says a lot about each of them - Davis is all over the place and with no thought to the lines. Gage is very detailed and takes his time. I am hoping Gage got some of Ward's artistic talent. He loves to sit and do art. Any type of art. He enjoys making animals out of pom poms and Popsicle sticks. They have these great kits at target if you have not seen them. Davis prefers to color on anything but paper but given the choice he would rather break the crayons or hide them from Gage. Either way - I love my pictures!