Thursday, December 6, 2007

Yummy Yummy

First of all - 33 weeks today! Wo-ho.

My far away friend Mary Foster and her beautiful family sent me a little care package from what is one of my favorite candy stores. While I have never stepped foot in the Chocolate Tree located in Beaufort, SC (home for the Foster family) I love this place! Mary has sent us these treats before and they do not last very long - and I do not share (unless I get caught). May favorite is the chocolate covered oreos. They are soo soo yummy. I also like the other homemade chocolate candies - like those pictured here. The boys have enjoyed the solid chocolate cars (even had one for breakfast this am) and the Christmas Trees as well. A huge thank you to Mary - she knows me so well. We really miss not having them across the street but chocolates from The Chocolate Tree are amazing! You can order from them - in case anyone has a sweet tooth on your Christmas list.