Saturday, December 15, 2007


Ward took the boys to have their picture taken with Santa. While in line Davis kept waving at Santa and he would wave back. Then he would ask Santa where the reindeer were, I guess Santa could not hear because finally Davis yelled "Santa, where are da reindeer?" Ward said that those in line erupted in laughter - but again Santa did not hear. When it was their turn Davis was very talkative with Santa while Gage just seems to be comatose. Gage asked for a guitar and a flashlight while Davis asked for a Firetruck and something else. Guess I am going to have to call the North Pole or have our Elf Andrew ask Santa what it was. I am just thankful Gage finally told us what he was going to ask for. For the longest time he said it was a secret and he could only tell Santa. Here is a little video Ward took for me to see. At some point you can see Davis asking about the reindeer being on the roof and about the tree, again Gage is como - I wish there was sound other than Ward.