Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Ho Ho Ho & Tru Comes Home

Davis Rocks

Gage Lead Guitar

Checking out cookie crumbs and carrots left overs

What a wonderful Christmas. The boys woke up to see the goods left by Santa around 7am. The big hit of course was Davis' drum set (yes we are insane) and Gage's guitar. They are forming a garage band and tickets to the first performance will go on sale early next year. Tru will play bass guitar but until then they are looking for a keyboardist.

Later in the morning after Tru passed his car seat test we were able to bring the best Christmas gift home. He slept the entire way home. Davis can not get enough of him. I was s little worried about Davis but he has become Tru's protector.

Aunt Tina and Uncle Scott along with Taylor met us at home with a wonderful Christmas dinner. We had a fabulous time sharing our first few hours at home with the Callicutt's. Tru slept thru the entire meal and while davis preformed a drum solo.

What a wonderful Christmas. Len, Christine and Will are heading our way this weekend. We can not wait to see Will and how much he has grown.