Friday, October 2, 2009

A visit from the best

My cousin Cathy came to visit last week from Missouri. Shame on me for not getting any pictures. We had a wonderful time. The boys kept her very busy playing board game after board game and many sessions on the Wii. I think by the time she left she was a master table tennis player, a decent cyclist and still had lots of room for improvement on the jousting. She was a able to see Davis in action on the soccer field very very early Saturday morning at his first game of the season. Saturday evening we enjoyed some adult time at one of my favorite restaurants "The Mez" in Charlotte while the boys enjoyed a babysitter. She treated Gage to a McDonalds lunch on Friday at his new school where she was able to meet all of his friends. He was thrilled telling his teacher weeks in advance that she was coming.

But most of all my boys love to hear her talk about stories from when I was little. This time one of the most important things they learned was that I loved Dr. Pepper chapstick as a little girl (still do!). They crack up when she tells them one of them acts like I did! It is always hard to imagine your parents as children. But they enjoy a glimpse into my childhood.

We are looking forward to the next time Cathy comes for a visit. Her trips are always too short! Although she might think that 5 days here at the Adcock Circus is enough!

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