Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Davis Being Davis

Last week Davis went on his first field trip. He was so excited, after all the field trips Gage has been on (maybe 5 or 6), he felt it was his turn. I was a little excited too. I had missed Gage's first field trip because I was on bedrest with Truman. There is something about that first field trip. A very special day - and even though we were heading to Daniel Stowe Gardens - a place we have been 100 times - Davis was thrilled.

Our first stop was to learn about butterflies. I think these glasses that allow you to see what a butterfly sees are perfect for Davis.

Next we headed out to explore the gardens and look for caterpillars. Now mind you it as 50 degrees at best. No bug in their right mind would have come out that morning.

But while exploring, Davis took time to point out other things...

No garden field trip is complete without a little planting.

And of course SNACK!

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