Thursday, October 8, 2009

A Wonderful Woman

Today October 8, 2009 would have been my mother's 67th birthday.
Although she would have told you she wasn't a day over 30. (mother said a lady never does reveal her age)
My mother passed away in 1994 a month after my 21st birthday. (yes, you can do the math)
At the time my parents had been married 27 years, with me as their only child. (I slept with my parents till I was 7 and figured that is why I was an only)
My mother was 1 of 5 and came very late in the lives of her parents. She would have told you that she was raised by her siblings.
Lately Gage and Davis have been asking me a lot about my mother. I have talked about her from time to time, while I think about her daily. But they are now to the point of asking questions, wondering what she was like. Davis often says "She would have snuggled me and loved me with lots of kisses" True, she would have... to the point he would have giggled uncontrollably.
There were many things that I want my boys to know about the grandmother who would have spoiled them with love and affection.

- There was never a day that went by that I did not talk to my mother.
- Never a day that went by that she did not tell me she loved me.
- She cared enough to drive an hour and half to pick me up at midnight from a friends spend the night party when I got home sick. And she did it every time because I always got home sick and I lived far away from the girls I went to school with.
- She did without many times so that I could have
- She was an amazing cook and she cooked every night. I mean really cooked.
- She always invited my friends to stay for dinner.
- She loved having girlfriends over in the afternoon
- she was a stay at home mom from the time I was 3 until I was 17
- she loved to hang wallpaper
- she loved loved professional baseball (St. Louis Cardinals)
- she never once in my presence questioned or spoke poorly of my father.
- she often told me that I would "pay for my raising" (and trust me with 3 boys I do!)
- Christmas was her favorite holiday
- she loved to read and always told me to teach my children to love books.
- she showed respect to those she even disagreed with
- she supported me in every choice I made
- could laugh at herself
- she loved music and enjoyed making her own "mixed tapes". She had dated a DJ for years and years before she met my father. He had supplied her with some wonderful records.

These are just a few things that stand out in my mind. There is a candid picture of my mother that was taken when I was in grade school at our house. We were having a backyard pool party and my mother was welcoming all of our guest with a toast to family and friendship. This picture sits at my bedside. It is one of my favorite pictures of my boys grandmother. She was entertaining friends in our home and her smile was genuine and loving.

Davis asked me this morning if my mommy was happy because it was her birthday. I said my mommy would be happy because I have been blessed with a wonderful family. He said yeah, but what about a power ranger cake!

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