Sunday, October 18, 2009

I thought we'd lost our minds...

It had been raining and freezing for most of the week. As we awoke Saturday morning - it was no different. In fact it was nasty enough for them to cancel our soccer game. I thought for a moment - maybe the boys won't remember that today is race day. Haha, we had only told them the day before and as they rose from sweet slumber the first words where "when do we leave??" Being troupers and hearing the the rain was fast moving we pushed on and began the task of tailgate packing, pulling out the winters coats, gloves etc.... And at noon as the showers broke and the clouds remained we pulled out of our drive with the 2 older boys - I thought "WE HAVE LOST OUR MINDS"!! It was over 7 hours until the green flag would drop and we were headed off to the speedway.

But in true childlike fashion the boys proved to be angels and had an absolute ball. We grilled burgers, played Kornhole, tossed the football!

After Davis took a little nap (see my facebook profile) We headed down to participate in the live filming of Race Day on the Speed channel. And to partake of the thousands of games and vendors outside of the track.

Darkness began to fall and we decided it was time to make our way to our seats. We gave up our regular seats in turn 1 for tickets in the non-smoking - non alcohol section. It was a great place to sit. And while Davis did trash talk others who were not cheering for his driver (Tony) he did not have to lecture anyone on how nasty smoking is --- all we needed was to have to throw down with some dale jr fan that was lighting up!

I have to say that all day I had been wondering what the boys would think when the planes flew over (we had a bomber fly over with while refueling midair). AMAZING. A benefit to our seats -- the planes fly right over our heads. Soon the flag dropped and we went racing. Davis barely could control himself. He was screaming and yelling for Tony and had a smile across his face from ear to ear. Gage was his usual laid back self, but had to try really hard to not show his ear to ear grin. Gotta love a soon to be 7 year old! We had a sprinkle or two of rain, a few wrecks, and a little less than half way thru Ward and I were ready to head home. We had to fight the boys to leave. But it was cold and there is always the Spring race to look forward to. Not to mention that a sitter was at home with a heartbroken Truman who was fast asleep in his bed!

Riding home at the end of the day and a quick stop at Starbucks for a decaf Pumpkin Spice latte, I realized I had not lost my mind. Instead I had introduced my boys to another redneck love of mine. They too are fans of the sport. Seeing the cars drive into the turn at 190 miles an hour an inch from the concrete wall 99.9% of the time without and in person, well Davis said it best "WOW DUDE, Now that's what I am talking about".

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