Thursday, July 23, 2009

Without a cape he just doesn't fly?

We set out Tuesday to meet at the Clark pool for our regular summer Tuesday get together. We all have really come to enjoy the time with friends. The boys play hard and Truman gets lots of attention from some pretty cute gals. Best of all I get to relax and chat with the ladies.

But this past Tuesday Gage and the "boys"* names are omitted to protect the innocent were playing on the swing set in the side yard of the Clark home. The rest of us were inside getting lunch ready, changing Truman into his suit, cooking corndogs... you get the picture. Davis bust through the door with blue stains on his lips, mouth and chin from his G2. It was not the blue stains that shocked me it was the look of terror on his face. "mommy mommy come really quick (grabbing my hand and pulling) it is Gage" What? "Gage is in the creek, he is in the creek mommy" 20 yards have never seemed so far in my life. Screaming Gage's name he decides this time in his life to use his "inside voice" and is whispering. But after what seems like a lifetime or really 2 minutes we find Gage across the wet part of the creek rubbing his foot. No need to ask what happened. No, Davis is quick to tell that Gage and (***) name removed for protection jumped from the street down into the creek. A good 10 foot drop as seen here from across the way:

We gather Gage up to get him calmed down. Even though he takes about an hour to himself in the porch hospital drugged with Motrin and with visits from all his friends he eventually goes on to swim and even participate in the weekly dive/model walk competition. Although underneath it you can tell that he is favoring his foot and in some pain between the giggles, pb&js, cornbdogs and chips. After talking with his dad (who proved to be more worried), We take off to get a xray - thank goodness for friends in the field -no wait for our superhero nice... given the fact it was 5 in the afternoon and the waiting room was still full! Thankfully --- All looks good - there are two little cracks right at the growth plate so it is hard to tell if it is from the trauma or from just being a 6 yr olds foot or both. Either way treatment is the same and there is no cast for us! YIPPY!!

When I asked him what he learned he said:
1. that even if a friend tells everyone to do something you have to ask your mommy first
and 2. that if you don't have a cape (or a green Mohawk) you can't fly.

I am just thankful
1. Davis cared enough to be scared (which means he really loves his brother, sometimes it is questionable) and
2. that he jumped far enough out not to hit the cement poles that have been thrown in as trash by some careless construction workers and
3. For friends that took care of Tru while we were gone and for friends that took some time to talk to Gage when he was scared. You all will never know how much we appreciate it.

Gage is still having a hard time walking and continues to be in pain but I think he has learned a good lesson. After visiting with Dr. Clay and our favorite Krispy Kreme PA we might just go ahead set up an open account with 3 boys they promised me it won't be our last visit!!

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