Monday, July 20, 2009

The Tale of Two Close Brothers

quick to learn at school
slow learn at home (re: things like not sassing or talking back)
lego perfectionist
skinny flat long feet
want to do it yourself
likes to cook
will try new things
likes solo sports - golf, tennis, video games
makes his bed everyday before getting up
worries about if his butt is big
prefers flip flops
sharks tooth necklace or rope bracelet
will sit for an entire movie and has since he was 2
loves being outside
is a fish in the water
loves his youngest brother
tolerates his middle one


does not like to wear buttons
prefers sports attire
loves all sports
will not sit for a commercial much less a movie
has to be reminded to make his bed
eats only chicken, hot dogs, ice cream, chips and chocolate chip muffins
well, and any candy
enjoys the outside
hates TV
is a fish in the water
is tattled on
makes a noise with his mouth and teeth all the time
never meets a stranger
says whatever is on his mind loudly
is obsessed with why people love each other
was obsessed with have a baby in his belly (Bob)
loves High School Musical (only movie he'll sit thru)

Of course I can find many words to describe the older 2. But come to think of it these 2 pictures pretty much sum it up too.

And the third, he is a completely different story!

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