Saturday, July 4, 2009

Summer ShootOut at Lowes

Yes, Yes by now everyone should know what NASCAR fans we are. But maybe we should broaden that to simply "Race Fans'. Even my boys have the fever. Last week we loaded up the mini-van and headed to Lowes Motor Speedway for the Tuesday night Summer ShootOut. Each Tuesday night during the summer they have mini races --- all sorts of cars--- with people competing from age 8 and up. (you know they are still relatively young when the winner thanks his "mommy and daddy") Gage really has the bug. He and Ward sat and chatted the entire time about the cars the 8 - 12 years old were driving. Who knows maybe Gage will race to fund our retirement. Truman was a trooper, we stayed until the very end so we could see the fireworks. He had a ball and loved the fireworks display. He even at that point forgot about the earlier incident where he chocked on a dum-dum. (but that is a whole other post). I was not remiss in taking pictures of Gage - he was there, he was just too busy watching and planning for his debut and would not allow photos. Maybe he does have a future is racing after all.

Intense skittle eating and race watching

Intense Chip eating

And finally the FIREWORKS!

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