Thursday, July 2, 2009

Swimming with friends

Summertime is about the pool for my boys. They come by it honestly both Ward and I love the pool and spent many of our days as children poolside. I have been remise this year in going to the pool much. Mainly because Tru thinks he is 4 years old and can do whatever the big boys do. Case in point last weekend he went off the diving board at our club pool. And he is always screaming to go down the slide. Lucky for me there are normally enough young cute gals that are willing to chase him around and entertain him and even from time to time take him down the slide. But still we have had fewer pool days than normal this summer. Although we have enjoyed a few afternoons at the Clark pool. One of our favorite summer time rituals. One of my favorite because Mrs. Clark kept her pack and play even though her girls are old which means Truman can go down for his afternoon nap and I can relax.

Sharing a little melon after a hard day of Marco Polo and diving board competitions.

These boys have found the spout underwater where the water blows back out. It kept them busy for a good bit of the day.


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