Monday, July 6, 2009


This year our pool mandated a "swim test". Before a young one can swim alone in the pool (without mom or dad in the water with them) they have to swim a full lap and tread water in the "10 feet" for a minute. Now mind you Davis has been swimming alone since last summer but now half way through the summer they realize he has never taken the "swim test", which was not even an option last year. So on the 4th of July aka the busiest pool day of the year, Davis is asked to take the "swim test". He pulls it off without a moments hesitation. He swam his lap - ran over for a coin dive (collected $3.43) - and then went for the minute tread test! He was so excited that he passed and asked if he got to take one each day. Poor guy I hated to break it to him that he never has to do it again!

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